Drive of the Game

The Bears took the ball needing a touchdown and extra point to claim the lead. It appeared they got the first half of the equation, but the officials saw it differently.

The offense hadn't done anything for three quarters before putting together an 8-play, 90-yard drive to start the final period. The defense gave them the ball back with 3:37 on the clock and a chance to win the game.

The Bears moved near midfield after converting on third down with a 10-yard completion from QB Chad Hutchinson to WR Bobby Wade.

Coming out of the two-minute warning Hutchinson tried to go to Wade again, but couldn't connect. It then took a completion to TE Desmond Clark on fourth down to move the chains.

With the clock running under 90 seconds Hutchinson went deep to WR Bernard Berrian, who appeared to beat CB Andre Goodman for a 43-yard touchdown, but the play was initially ruled incomplete.

The booth called for the challenge and with each replay it appeared Berrian came down with the ball and both feet in bounds.

The Bears were so confident that the play would be overturned in their favor that they were getting their two-minute defense together.

Hutchison and his teammates were celebrating on the sideline.

"When I see it on TV like that that's a touchdown, so I'm going to celebrate," Hutchinson said.

However referee Terry McAulay didn't see it the same way, "The receiver was going to the ground on his own and the ball moved in his grasp. The ball moved when he hit the ground. It was an incomplete pass as ruled on the field."

"I got the same explanation that you got and I'm still trying to figure out exactly what it was," Lovie Smith said. We saw it a couple times on the screen, but I've see things differently quite a few times with officials and this was another time. I think more people will see it my way, but again they called it, they said it was out, so it was a loss for us."

The Bears never recovered as Hutchinson threw three straight incompletes.

"We go ahead on that play. They don't have any timeouts and we're in pretty good shape, so it definitely knocked us back a little bit to say the least," Smith said of trying to regroup after the challenge.

The loss officially drops the team out of playoff contention.

"We made a lot of mistakes and you have to count the entire 60 minutes and for the entire 60 minutes it wasn't good enough," Smith said.

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