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There are different sentiments this time of year. Saying goodbye to a reliable veteran. Casting blame for another disappointing season. How far do the Bears have to go before they return to the postseason?

A-Train is Leaving the Station
Anthony Thomas leaves the Bears as the fifth all-time leading rusher list with more then 3,300 yards. Only Walter Payton, Neal Anderson, Rick Casares and Gale Sayers have more yards then Thomas that is some pretty exclusive company. No matter were A-Train ends up, I am sure he will do well and I wish him the Best.

Bill Ethington
Clearwater, FL

One Man Show
Terry Shea was the only "Offensive" thing about his offense. I have seen Pop Warner Coaches call better plays. Why in the world would you call for a 4-yard pass play when it's 3rd and 10? But then again, he thought Jonathan Quinn was more than good enough to be the backup and let Chris Chandler go. It was obvious Shea needed to go. The next time the Bears ask someone to hold a clipboard, I will gladly do so for season tickets...that way, they won't have to pay Jeff George $760,000. By the way, George is probably, no, is the best QB on the current roster!

Don Lonteen
Irmo, SC

Bad News Bears
To be brutally honest, the Chicago Bears are a bad football team. Many Bear fans, as well as reporters, do not choose to face the reality of this assessment, or write about it. But as a third generation Bears' fan, it saddens me to say, that the fact is, the Bears are a bad football team.

The coaching staff reflected their inexperience, and in turn the team set records for penalties and sacks allowed. The play-calling was unimaginative. The inability to evaluate talent, or the lack thereof also had an impact.

I don't necessarily think that Brian Urlacher is overrated; I think the entire defense is. Case in point, inconsistent and ineffective pass rush, an inability to stop the run.

Offensively, I will save the ink. I can't speak for all Bear fans, but I am tried of hearing about the rash on injuries year after year. Injuries are a part of the game and teams with top-notch front office personnel; address this inevitable circumstance with depth and an eye for talent.

Words do not produce victories. Unless perhaps they come from the fans that refuse to let the greatest football team in the NFL become a joke and an embarrassment to the city of Chicago. We are closing in on our 20-year anniversary of winning our only Super Bowl. Will it be another 20 years?

Danny Rosenbaum
Phoenix, AZ

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