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The 90's saw the end of the Ditka era and the beginning of Dick Jauron's regime. It's time to test your memory during this decade quiz.

1. How many times did the Bears finish with a winning record from 1990-99?
A. Three
B. Four
C. Five
D. Six

2. Kevin Butler led the team in scoring for six consecutive seasons (1990-96). Who was the first Bear other than Butler to pace the team in scoring?
A. Jeff Jaeger
B. Curtis Conway
C. Bobby Engram
D. Raymont Harris

3. Who had the highest single season reception total by any Bear during the decade?
A. Jeff Graham
B. Marcus Robinson
C. Curtis Conway
D. Bobby Engram

4. Which Bear led the team in sacks during the decade?
A. Trace Armstrong
B. SteveMcMichael
C. Richard Dent
D. Jim Flanigan

5. Which of the following did not have a 1,000-yard campaign during the 90's?
A. Neal Anderson
B. Rashaan Salaam
C. Raymont Harris
D. Curtis Enis

6. Which position player suited up for the most games?
A. Jim Flanigan
B. Donnell Woolford
C. James "Big Cat" Williams
D. Todd Perry

7. The Bears started 13 different quarterbacks during the decade. Which QB had the most victories?
A. Erik Kramer
B. Jim Harbaugh
C. Steve Walsh
D. Dave Kreig

1. B – The Bears had a winning record four times during the decade. They went 11-5 in 1990 and 91, then finished 9-7 in 94 and 95.

2. A – Jeff Jaeger led the team with 80 points. He connected on 19-of-23 field goal attempts and all 23 extra point tries.

3. D – Bobby Engram caught 88 balls in 1999, which is the same season that Marcus Robinson set a franchise record for receiving yardage, when he caught 84 balls for 1,400 yards.

4. C – Richard Dent posted 43.5 sacks in five seasons (1990-93, 95) to finish his career with the Bears with a franchise best 124.5 sacks.

5. D – Curtis Enis had 916 yards rushing in 1999, but needed 287 carries to reach the total for an average of 3.2 yards per attempt.

6. C – James "Big Cat" Williams played in 118 games, including starting 95 of the last 96 games.

7. B – Jim Harbaugh went 33-25 over four seasons, including leading the team to the postseason in 1990 and 1991.

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