Thursday Trivia

In honor of the Bears struggles at quarterback, it's time to test your knowledge about the team's passing history.

1. What Bear has the most career 300-yard passing games?
A. Erik Kramer
B. Bill Wade
C. George Blanda
D. Jim Miller

2. What QB has the team record for TD passes in a single game?
A. Johnny Lujack
B. Ray Buivid
C. Sid Luckman
D. Vince Evans

3. Who has the record for most consecutive completions?
A. Shane Matthews
B. Steve Walsh
C. Rudy Bukich
D. Jim Harbaugh

4. Which QB threw a team record seven interceptions in a single game?
A. Larry Rakestraw
B. Cade McNown
C. Henry Burris
D. Edmund (Zeke) Bratkowski

5. Who holds the record for most passes without an interception?
A. Erik Kramer
B. Chris Chandler
C. Dave Krieg
D. George Blanda

6. Since 1961 what QB has the highest winning percentage as a starter with a minimum of 10 starts?
A. Steve Walsh
B. Mike Tomczak
C. Jim McMahon
D. Bill Wade

7. What rookie QB holds the record for most completions?
A. Craig Krenzel
B. Cade McNown
C. Rex Grossman
D. Bob Avellini

1. B – Bill Wade had nine 300-yard games from 1961-66.
2. C – Sid Luckman threw 7 TD passes against the Giants on Nov. 14, 1943. The total is tied for the in NFL history.
3. A – Shane Matthews completed 15 consecutive passes against the New England Patriots on Dec. 10, 2000.
4. D - Edmund (Zeke) Bratkowski was intercepted seven times by the Baltimore Colts on Oct. 2, 1960.
5. A - Erik Kramer went 174 pass attempts without an interception a span that covered six games during the 1995 campaign.
6. C – Jim McMahon went 46-15 as a starter for a 75% winning percentage.
7. B – Cade McNown completed 127 passes in 1999 for 1,465 yards and 8 TDs.

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