Thursday Trivia

In honor of the '05 Hall of Fame class announcement coming this weekend, it's time to test your knowledge of Bears enshrined in Canton.

1. The Bears have the most Hall of Fame players in the NFL with 26. What team is second?
A. Green Bay Packers
B. Pittsburgh Steelers
C. New York Giants
D. Washington Redskins

2. What year did the Bears draft two future Hall of Famers in the first round and who were they?
A. 1945
B. 1955
C. 1965
D. 1975

3. Aside from George Halas, who is the only other member of the organization not to be inducted to the Hall of Fame as a player?
A. Mike Ditka
B. Jim Finks
C. Buddy Ryan
D. Ralph Jones

4. What position has the most Hall of Famers?
A. Running Back
B. Guard
C. Linebacker
D. Defensive End

5. What decade has seen the most Bears inducted into the Hall of Fame?
A. 1960's
B. 1970's
C. 1980's
D. 1990's

6. The Bears have never had a Hall of Fame player at this position.
A. Wide Receiver
B. Quarterback
C. Tight End
D. Center

7. What Hall of Famer played the most seasons for the Bears?
A. Walter Payton
B. George Trafton
C. Clyde Turner
D. Bill George

1. A – Green Bay Packers have 20 players inducted into the Hall of Fame.

2. C – 1965 when the team selected Dick Butkus and Gale Sayers.

3. B – Jim Finks served as GM of the Bears from 1974-82 and was an architect of the great 80's teams. He selected Hall of Famers Walter Payton, Dan Hampton and Mike Singletary.

4. C – Of the Bears 26 Hall of Famers, five have played linebacker. Dick Butkus, Mike Singletary, Bill George, George Connor and Clyde Turner either spent there entire career at the position or spent a portion at linebacker.

5. A – During the 1960's there were 11 Bears inducted into the Hall of Fame. The reason for the high number was the fact that the NFL didn't have the honor before 1963.

6. A – The Bears have never had a Hall of Fame wide receiver.

7. D – Bill George played 14 seasons for the Bears and was voted All-NFL eight times.

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