Trivia Time

See how you score against this week's pop quiz. Here are seven questions to challenge your knowledge of the Chicago Bears.

1. Walter Payton holds the franchise record for most 100-yard rushing games with 77. Who is second?
A. Gale Sayers
B. Neal Anderson
C. Anthony Thomas
D. Rick Casares

2. Which of the following did Hall of Fame middle linebacker Mike Singletary never accomplish?
A. Register three sacks in a single game
B. Score a touchdown
C. Make 20 tackles in a single game
D. Be named Defensive Player of the Year

3. What player holds the franchise record for safeties?
A. Dan Hampton
B. Richard Dent
C. Mike Hartenstine
D. Steve McMichael

4. The Bears haven't had a 300-yard passer in 43 games. Who was the last QB to accomplish the feat?
A. Chris Chandler
B. Shane Matthews
C. Jim Miller
D. Kordell Stewart

5. Bernard Berrian led all receivers with two touchdown receptions. Who was the last rookie to pace the team in the category?
A. Marcus Robinson
B. Marty Booker
C. Wendell Davis
D. Will Gault

6. Who is the last tight end to pace the team in receptions?
A. Mike Ditka
B. Ryan Wetnight
C. Emery Moorehead
D. Keith Jennings

7. The Bears top victory totals come against the Packers and Lions. What team do the Bears have their third highest victory total?
A. Minnesota Vikings
B. Arizona Cardinals
C. St. Louis Rams
D. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

1. A – Gale Sayers had 20 100-yard rushing games from 1966-71.

2. B – Mike Singletary never scored a touchdown during his 12-year career.

3. D – Steve "Mongo" McMichael registered 3 safeties from 1981-93.

4. C – Jim Miller threw for 353 yards in a losing effort against the Packers on Oct. 7, 2002.

5. D – Willie Gault was a first round pick out of Tennessee in 1983. He had his best year in a Bear uniform as a rookie leading the team with 8 TD receptions and in yardage (836).

6. A – Mike Ditka revolutionized the position and the Bears have been trying to replace him ever since. He led the team in receptions his first three years in the league with totals of 56, 58 and 59 from 1961-63. He caught a career-high 75 in 1964, which at the time NFL record for tight ends, but teammate Johnny Morris led the NFL that year with 93 receptions.

7. B – The Bears have 56 wins against the franchise formerly known as the Chicago and St. Louis Cardinals.

0-3 correct – time to hit the books
4-5 correct – on the right track
6-7 correct – you're at the head of the class

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