Bears Eye Mammoth Left Tackle Prospect

Despite never pass blocking in high school, Syracuse tackle Adam Terry has already faced one of the NFL's best pass rushers.

Bears Eye Mammoth Left Tackle Prospect Syracuse tackle Terry has already faced the NFL's best

Despite never pass blocking in high school, Syracuse tackle Adam Terry has already faced one of the NFL's best pass rushers.

In practice Adam Terry went up against Dwight Freeney on a daily basis. Freeney has gone onto 40 sacks and two Pro Bowls in his first three seasons in the league.

"Seeing the best once you arrive at school and that's what you prepare for, so you go out there every week to try to prepare for the best and he was the best," Terry said.

Terry started 34 games at Syracuse missing just one because of a concussion his sophomore year, all of which came at left tackle. Although he didn't pass protect in his high school offense, he was able to pick it up in college rather quickly because of his freakish athleticism for a man with his size.

At six-foot-8, 330 pounds, Terry may remind some of Marc Colombo physically, but he's never been bother by knee injuries. He tries to pattern his game after future Hall of Famer Jonathan Ogden, who at six-foot-9 has gone to the Pro Bowl eight times.

GM Jerry Angelo and head coach Lovie Smith met with Terry at he go the impression the Bears were more than just having a casual conversation.

"They wouldn't invite you (to a meeting) if they didn't want you," he said.

While tackle is not a position a rookie often starts at, Terry isn't ruling it out.

"I saw Jordan Gross a few years ago start at right tackle and move to left, that's a possibility as well," he said. "Left tackle in the league is high profile, protecting tens of millions of dollars behind you so there's a lot of added pressure on that as well."

There isn't a consensus number one tackle in this year's draft. ranks Terry as the fourth best at the position, which means he could be available for the Bears in round two with the 39th selection.

"Syracuse isn't really known for offensive linemen, but a few ago they really weren't known for quarterbacks either and I think that turned out alright," Terry said referring to Donovan McNabb.

Despite growing up on the east coast he grew up a fan of the Chicago Bears.

"It could have been the super bowl shuffle. It's kind of catchy. And it can do that to a 4 or 5-year old kid," Terry said.

Scouting Report: Adam Terry By TFY Draft Preview

The Good: Athletic tackle who works hard throughout the action. Sized well, strong at the point of attack and finishes off opponents. Gets movement from run blocks and displays the ability to get block downfield on screens. Keeps his feet moving throughout the action, gets his hands up and does just enough to protect the quarterback. Decent job of bending his knees and blocking with leverage. Displays excellent wherewithal and works well with linemates.

The Bad: Does not play with great body control, balance and does a lot of slipping on the field. Over extends and not an explosive blocker.

The Skinny: While he does not always looks the part, Terry is an excellent college tackle who projects well to the next level. Possesses a lot of underlying skill to work with as well as the frame to add bulk and strength.

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