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Ben Wilkerson / C / LSU

- 6'3 3/4/300

- He will not work out here.

- He tore his left patella tendon this season and missed the last four games of the season. He had a wire placed in the knee but has since been taken out. The pro day date (3/9) could be a bit early for him to work out.

- Lists Langston Moore and Tommie Harris as the top defensive tackles that he has went up against in the past.

- Allowed two sacks last season and only one holding penalty.

- He was surprised to win the Rimmington Trophy considering he missed the final four games of the season.

- He added that he's about a month away from the injured knee being 100%.

C.J. Brooks / OL / Maryland

- 6'0 5/8/309

- He said he will workout fully here.

- He played guard but he could play at tackle if needed and has played some at left tackle in the past.

- Prides himself with durability and started 51 games. Had a concussion his senior season and shoulder surgery in his freshman season.

- He played against former University of Carolina defensive end Julius Peppers in his freshman season and gave up two sacks.

- He feels that he's a better run blocker than pass protector.

- Teams showing an interest in him so far are the Dolphins, Buccaneers, Seahawks, and Redskins.

Claude Terrell / OL / New Mexico

- Weighed in at 343.

- He feels even though he played at tackle in college that he projects to guard in the NFL.

- Grew up a Cowboys fan and has an interview scheduled with them. Other teams showing interest are the Browns, Eagles, Buccaneers, Dolphins, Jaguars, and Texans.

- He believes he will be picked in rounds two through four.

Scott Young / OL / Brigham Young

- 6'3 1/2/312

- Set the record of 44 reps at 225 pounds and also had one deducted.

"It was a little under what I expected. The last few weeks I did 47 or 48."

He said his record is 53.

What's his secret?

"Holding your breath until you get to 30 (reps) then take a breath and see if you can get 10 more."

- Will do a full workout.

- He started at defensive end then moved to nose tackle before going to offense playing at guard which he has only played for 1 1/2 seasons.

- He didn't think the transition from playing defensive line to playing on the offensive was a tough one.

"I thought it was pretty fun. It put a little spice back in football (for me)."

- He feels that he's very coachable but has plenty of aggression which is needed on the offensive line.

Kay-Jay Harris / RB / West Virginia

- He was drafted in the ninth round by the Rangers (MLB).

- He said the experience of playing minor league baseball will help him because you had to prove yourself and he learned to play in front of small crowds and to give top effort.

- Will work out fully here and wants to prove that he's one of the best backs.

- He rushed for 337 yards in his first game of this past season then hurt his hamstring which he had to deal with all season. The hamstring is totally healed.

- Friend of Seattle wide receiver Darrell Jackson who told him to go back to college and play and then to play in the NFL.

David Baas / OL / Michigan

- Will work out here.

- He said he hasn't been too surprised with the process of what goes on here but he wish he had talked to some former Michigan offensive linemen to get an idea of what to expect during his stay here.

Cedric Benson / RB / Texas

- Measured at 5'11/222

- Will not work out here but will do so at his Pro Day on 3/23.

- He said he has put his baseball career is behind him and will only play football.

- He has cut his hair to kind of change the image people have of him. He is in a sense trying to put his collegiate career behind him and to get a fresh start.

- He said he was close to coming out early for last year's NFL draft but he felt staying in school one more season would help him improve in a few areas.

Dan Buenning / OL / Wisconsin

- Hoping to be selected on the first day of the draft.

- He said the last sack he gave up was in his Junior season.

- He projects to play guard but can play at center.

- Detroit and Chicago have shown an interest in him so far.

Michael Munoz / OL / Tennessee

- His knee is great which was operated on four years ago and he said he hasn't had a problem with it since.

- On being Anthony Munoz's son

"It's not hard for me because I love being in football. He didn't push me at all. The biggest advice he gave me was to just enjoy it (the combine experience) have confidence."

- Plans to work out at his pro days on 3/16 and 3/30.

Chris Myers / OL / Miami-Fla.

- 6'4/300.

- The teams that have shown the most interest so far have been Kansas City, Denver, Jacksonville, and the Giants.

- He describes himself as a "scrapper".

Adam Terry / OL / Syracuse

- Measured at 6'8/330.

- Spoke to Tampa Bay, Green Bay, Chicago during Senior Bowl week.

- Suffered a chest injury around Senior Bowl week so he will not lift here but he plans to workout here otherwise and at his pro day on 3/16.

Nehemiah Broughton / RB / Citadel

- 5'11/250.

- He will workout fully here.

- His pro day is on 3/18.

- Has received interest from the Steelers, Dolphins, Browns, and Buccaneers.

- He believes he will be either a sixth or seventh-round pick.

Jeremy Parquet / OL / Southern Miss

- 6'6 1/2/323

- Played guard his first two seasons and played tackle his final two seasons.

Chris Spencer / C / Mississippi

- 6'0/309

- In regard to coming out early, Spencer said had already made the decision to leave early and then he received a second round grade in his evaluation from the NFL that made his decision easier.

- Will workout fully here.

- He said he never gave up a sack on the collegiate level or in high school.

- He has played both guard positions in college.

- He models himself after Green Bay center Mike Flanigan. Why? Because of the way he held the ball. He called himself as the best center in the SEC.

Adam Snyder / OL / Oregon

- 6'5/315

- Got a lot of interviews during Senior Bowl week including with Miami, Atlanta, and Washington showing the most interest.

- He doesn't really have an idea where he will be drafted just yet.

- He played both guard positions in college and expects to play guard in the NFL but could eventually move over to tackle.

- Calls the Combine experience "surreal".

- Was a Los Angeles Rams fan growing up.

- Rooming here with Ohio St. running back Maurice Clarett.

Ciatrick Fason / RB / Florida

- 6'0/207

- Will work out at his pro day on 3/7.

- Entered the draft to support his family (wife and child).

- He thinks he will be selected on the first day of the draft (second or third round).

- Only had 230 carries in college.

- Sees himself as Seattle running back Shaun Alexander. Calls himself a glider.

- People underestimate his speed because he's taller than the average back.

- Because of the number of running backs on the roster, he wanted more work and became somewhat impatient and came close to leaving to play at another school.

- Even though he grew up in Florida, he actually was a Walter Payton fan than an Emmitt Smith. He wore #4 in college but felt he wasn't worthy of wearing Payton's #34 in college. However, he may decide to wear that jersey in the NFL.

- He cited the Browns, Vikings, and Jaguars as all showing interest in him so far this week.

J.J. Arrington / RB / California

- Measured at 5'8 7/8/214

- He grew up an Eagles fan. He was a big Randall Cunningham an called him the "first Michael Vick".

- Most teams were looking for him to catch the ball more during Senior Bowl week.

- If he had the first pick in the draft he would select his teammate QB Aaron Rogers.

- He feels that his best attributes are his speed and great vision.

- He will work out fully here.

- His goal is to run a 4.4 here.

- The teams showing most interest have been the Bengals and Browns.

- He models himself after Priest Holmes.

Ben Wilkerson / C / LSU

- 6'3 3/4/300

- He will not work out here.

- He tore his left patella tendon this season and missed the last four games of the season. He had a wire placed in the knee but has since been taken out. The pro day date (3/9) could be a bit early for him to work out.

Anthony Davis / RB / Wisconsin

- Measured at 5'6/200. He thought that he actually was 5'7 and said he was a little surprised.

- He said some teams project him to be a third down back at the next level and some think he can do more than that.

- He will work out here and do everything.

- Although he had a series of injuries over his collegiate career he's totally healthy now.

- He believes that he will run in the high to mid 4.4's.

Chris Kemoeatu / G / Utah

- Measured in at 6'3/344

- Used to play on the defensive side of the ball. "Defense is a lot more fun. You find some little things on offense that make it fun."

- He was asked about his temper and he talked about an incident.

In his junior season, he got bent over a pile by a defensive player and he thought it was a cheap shot and he wound up kicking the player in the face.

"I over reacted in the heat of the battle. I think I have matured from that. You have to be a different person on the field."

- Calls QB Alex Smith a great motivator.

Ray Willis / OL / Florida St.

- Measured in at 6'5 1/2/327

- He said he can play all positions on the offensive line except for center.

- He said his toughest opponent was former Wake Forest DE Calvin Pace.

Logan Mankins / OT / Fresno St.

- Measured in at 6'4/307

- Will work out fully here.

- Can play at guard or at tackle.

- Wants to be a first day selection.

- The whole NFL Combine experience has been a big surprise to him since he came from a small program.

Maurice Clarett / RB / Ohio St.

- Weighed in at 234. He said he feels more leaner than he did last year when he came to the combine.

- He said that in the past year that he felt he had to grow up some after not taking everything as seriously as he should have.

- He feels his best attribute is probably his work ethic. He added in the past two years that he has been off of the field that he has gained a sense of humility about everything that he has gone through.

- Interestingly, he does read a lot of articles and about himself and what people say about him.

- He will work out here and will do everything.

Frank Gore / RB / Miami-Fla.

- Measured in at 5'9"/217.

- He said he has lost 17 pounds since the end of the season.

- He said his goal is to run in the 4.4's.

- Won't work out here but will do so at his Pro Day.

Jason Brown / C / UNC

- Measured in at a little over 6'2/310

- Hip flexibility, hip movement he listed as his best attributes.

- He wants to be the first overall center selected in the draft but also understands that it's a position that is very strong in the draft.

Chris Colmer / OT / NC St.

- 6'5/310

- He had a virus in his left shoulder which he said that he's over. Interestingly, he said that the doctors that had been treating him said that they haven't seen another football player that had it. He added you can catch it like you catch a cold. He had the ailment in 2003.

- He plays an aggressive game and plays to the whistle and plays down field.

- Also had right shoulder surgery last fall and won't workout here. Will do so at his pro day.

Marcus Johnson / OL / Mississippi

- Measured in at 6'6/321

- Will workout fully here.

- Said he has talked to a bunch of teams but would not disclose who he talked to.

Elton Brown OL Virginia

- Measured in at 6.47/329

- He told us that he didn't play in the Senior Bowl due to a preexisting knee injury that he played with most of this past season. He said he was going to play but slipped on ice and was held out all week. He had a MCL sprain which he said is totally healed.

- Will not work out here but will at this Pro Day.

- Has talked to Green Bay, Miami, Kansas City, Detroit, and Carolina so far.

First group of tackles this morning had 12 - 6'5 or taller check in.  The tallest being Sam Lightbody of Washington State 6'9 321

Richie Incognito (  Not Enrolled )

- Incognito who has been in the news the past year and let go from the Nebraska program, is hoping to clean up his image and checked in to the NFL combine at 6-3 1/4 - 305  


Dustin Colquitt-P-Tennessee

- He said his best attribute is directional punting.

- Had a 74-yard punt in high school.

- Has talked to Denver so far, but will have interviews scheduled for the weekend.

Buffalo Bills Head Coach Mike Mularkey

- The team is still talking to free agent quarterback Shane Matthews about re-signing to back up new starting quarterback J.P. Losman. Speaking of Losman, Mularkey said he wants him to learn how to slide which is one thing that young quarterbacks aren't use to doing when they enter the NFL.

- Regarding wide receiver Lee Evans and what he brings to the offense,"Lee brings a vertical game to our offense. He's an amazing athlete who can stretch defenses. He really started to get trust from (QB) Drew (Bledsoe) and he really started to understand our offense later in the season. He should only get better."

Mike Nugent-K-Ohio St.

- Had a good week of practices at the Senior Bowl with the Raider coaches. He added that learning how the pro coaches run practices will be beneficial at the next level.

- He said his goal is to be the first kicker selected in the draft.

- He's working on getting his kickoffs deeper (inside the five-yard line).

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