Is Edwards "Special" Enough to Warrant 4th Pick?

The Bears are not going to trade for a receiver, signing one of consequence in the free agent market is going to be difficult under the salary cap, so that leaves the draft. However, GM Jerry Angelo doesn't appear willing to settle for the best receiver with the fourth pick unless he deems the wideout to be special.

"Satisfied, but am I enthusiastic, No," GM Jerry Angelo said of the possibility of the team going into the '05 campaign with the current crop of receivers on the roster.

Obviously, the Bears have a huge hole at the position and Michigan's Braylon Edwards is currently the top prospect at the position according to

David Baas, a teammate of Edwards gave at Michigan, gave an honest account of his teammate.

"Braylon is a playmaker," Baas said. "He's strong, he's physical, he can block. He can catch he's got all aspects of the game. His mental mind frame has definitely changed over the years, he's definitely a better person and more of a team player than he used to be and I respect him for that.

"(He used to be) A little self centered, but I don't think he's really like that anymore and hopefully it doesn't come back to haunt me."

The Bears aren't going to be scared away from Edwards because he reminds some of David Terrell, but he will have to prove something to Angelo to show he's worthy of the fourth pick in the draft.

"Unless they're special (I don't believe in taking a receiver high in the draft). If they're not special, wait," Angelo said.

Despite having the worst offense in the NFL last season, players are interested in coming to the Bears because they can come in and contribute immediately.

"I believe I do a lot of things for the game," Edwards said. "I provide a lot of excitement. I'm a good guy, I make plays. Whatever my team needs is what I'm going to do, and I believe that my stats, my measureables, my attributes, they compare if not better than anybody in the draft."

While head coach Lovie Smith played coy about talking about any prospects, he made one thing perfectly clear.

"I will say that I think we need to add a good receiver to the group," Smith said.

Scouting Report: Braylon Edwards
By TFY Draft Preview

Ht: 6-3 Wt: 209 40: 4.50

The Good: Physically impressive pass catcher who can be a one-man show and dominant force. Relatively quick releasing off the line of scrimmage, deceptively fast and stretches defenses vertically. Accelerates down the sidelines then runs away from defenders. Tremendous vertical leap climbing to snare the high ball. Adjusts to the errant throw or deep pass and makes the reception in contorted positions. Easily pulls the ball out of the air with several defenders draped on him. Physically beats down opponents to make the reception and strong running after the catch.

The Bad: Lacks focus, concentration and not always on the same page as the quarterback. Must be more cognizant picking up blitzes then becoming the hot receiver. Needs to improve his route running; choppy into breaks and not sharp. Must do a better job coming back to the quarterback and helping out.

The Skinny: Looking like a highlight reel at times, Edwards makes the tough reception on third down in the short field yet also displays the ability to break games open with long gainers down the flanks. Possesses all the physical skills needed to be a dominant wide out and to his credit slowly pulling the pieces together. Needs to smooth out the rough edges yet a prospect with a great amount of upside potential that could blossom into a Pro Bowler at the next level.

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