Next on the List, Quarterback

Despite the signing of Muhsin Muhammad to big money deal, the Bears still have enough cap flexibility to sign a veteran quarterback. Whoever signs in Chicago will start third on the depth chart and have to work his way past Rex Grossman and Chad Hutchinson.

Five quarterbacks that are expected to be available and fit the Bears needs:

Kurt Warner: He has been tied to the Bears because of his relationship with Lovie Smith and the team's pursuit of him last off-season. Warner had to sit behind Eli Manning for the second half of last year and the two-time league MVP believes he deserves a starting job. The fact that its Grossman's job to lose could sway Warner from considering he Bears.

At this point of his career, Warner is a statue in the pocket and the Bears showed what a decent pass rush can do to his decisions making.

The Bear offensive line had a harder time protecting the quarterback in 2004, which could also make Warner leery of coming to Chicago. On the other hand, he might consider Grossman a prime target for injury and see an opportunity to move up.

Brad Johnson: Will be 37 just after the start of the season and is still looking for a starting role. He might be willing to go to Chicago because of their history at quarterback. The third string QB has played in each of the past two years.

Johnson should not be considered an immediate threat to Grossman as the starter. However, at the same time if Grossman were to struggle or if there was an injury, Johnson would be able to fill in and sustain an offense.

Jeff Garcia: It looks like he's choosing between Detroit and Tampa Bay. The first option would be to reunite with Steve Mariucci and compete with Joey Harrington for a starting job. The Bucs have offered Garcia a chance to backup Brian Griese. There are also questions about Garcia being a distraction in the locker room after problems in San Francisco were initially blamed on Terrell Owens, but similar issues surfaced again in Cleveland last year.

Jay Fiedler: The recently released 33-year old could be another good fit for the Bears. As he might not be as physically gifted as some of the other QBs on this list but has playoff experience and could be an ideal backup. He has a 36-23 record as a starter.

Although he's struggled to stay healthy in four of five seasons, he's showed his toughness by often playing through pain. He also often had inferior offensive talent to work with at wide receiver as well as instability at offensive coordinator, with Miami having gone through four of them since the 2000 season. There is a report that the Bears and New York Giants are the frontrunners for Fiedler's services.

Gus Frerotte: Now known as "Mr. Backup", having played in 4 cities over the past 6 seasons. Like Fiedler he's a veteran with starting experience that could be counted on as a backup and might be able to start for the Bears if needed.

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