Pro Day: April 6th Updated 9:19

Breaking news is in with Richie Incognito being the headline on today's pro day work out in front of NFL scouts.<br><br>Andrew Walter, Arizona State QB worked out for scouts today, and the results are in.

Pro-Day: April 6th

Richie Incognito Pro-Day

Sources informed us that Richie Incognito severely  re-injured the same knee he hurt during combine workouts in February. Initially the injury looked to be much more serious than the sprain suffered at the RCA Dome.

Fortunately for Incognito initial medical reports were not as bad as first thought.  Dr. Michael Dersam evaluated Incognito and determined the big blocker has a patella sub-luxation and no structural damage whatsoever.

Incognito's representatives are not happy about the injury as they feel it should never have happened. The former Nebraska offensive lineman was going through a scripted workout with Jim Hadiford before another OL coach stepped in to take over the drill. In the middle of a "push-pull drill" Incognito hurt his knee. He was not 100 percent healthy from a knee injury sustained at the combine and many felt the coach that stepped in worked him too hard.

We will update this story tomorrow.

Arizona State Pro Day

Andrew Walter looked very good during his passing workout, had good ball speed, and for the most part was accurate with all his passes. One person who witnessed the workout stated Walter did a fantastic job for a QB who sustained a third-degree separation of his throwing shoulder just four months ago.

2:20 PM EST

As one would expect the weather today is beautiful in Arizona.  Though a bit breezy, the sunny 85-degree temperature skies has scouts smiling.

In the early going Andrew Walter ran a surprising 40 time, under 4.90 seconds, being clocked in the 4.87/4.86 range.

Defensive lineman Jimmy Verndon improved his combine time by more than a tenth of a second, running in the low 4.9 area.  He also turned in a 32.5-inch vertical jump and completed 21 reps on the bench.

Walter is getting ready to throw for scouts as of posting.  Richie Incognito will stand on his outstanding combine performances and will just participate in position drills today.

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