The Chicago Bears designated running back Autry Denson, guard/center Kevin Dogins, safety Than Merrill, defensive tackle Robert Newkirk and quarterback Danny Wuerffel eligible for the 2002 Houston Texans expansion draft.

The only member of the group that wasn't an Angelo move is Dogins, who is a 29-year-old backup offensive lineman. Denson had a critical fumble in the Bears playoff loss to the Eagles, which likely ended his stint in Chicago. Merrill saw little action, while Wuerffel didn't get off the bench.

Newkirk showed flashes of being a playmaker during the season, but a knee injury sidelined him for most of the second half of the season. Allowing Alfonso Boone, who was brought in by Mark Hatley, to immerge.

"(I'm) very happy with Alfonso," Dick Jauron said. "He's getting better in technique and alignments and assignments. He looks like he's gaining confidence all the time. He doesn't say a lot but he works awfully hard and he's done a terrific job."

With Boone coming on at the end of the season including sacks in the final two games of the season meaning Keith Traylor could be considered expendable.

Angelo said that he would try to avoid overloading cap space at one position. The defensive line is full of millionaires with Traylor, Phillip Daniels, Bryan Robinson and Ted Washington.

Out of the group Traylor is the most likely to go because of his age and money. Washington is in a similar situation, but is coming off a Pro Bowl season.

Each of the 31 teams in the NFL were required to submit a list of five players to the League which enables the Texans to stock their inaugural roster. Houston will draft 30-42 veteran players from the rosters of the other NFL clubs, select a combined total of 14 extra rookie players in the next two college drafts and sign veteran free agents between March and July 2002 under the same terms as the league's current 31 clubs.

The expansion draft will be held on Monday, Feb. 18, at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston. The event will be televised live on ESPN from 1-4 p.m. Central.

Punters and kickers are not eligible to be a part of the list. Existing clubs can recall one player from its list after one of its players is selected and, after a second player is selected from a team, that club can pull back its remaining players.

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