Is Benson Special?

Several mock drafts have projected the Bears to take Cedric Benson with the fourth overall pick, but is the Texas running back worthy of such high praise?

The Bears let Anthony Thomas walk as an unrestricted free agent because they didn't see him as a fit in the offense.

However, it appears GM Jerry Angelo could use the fourth selection in the draft on a running back that is eerily similar to Thomas.

Cedric Benson has been a productive back in college, but like Thomas, lacks game breaking speed at six-foot-0, 225-pounder.

Angelo once said he didn't think Thomas was a "special back" because he lacked blazing speed. Benson clocked in with a forty-yard dash time of 4.55, which is slightly better than Thomas.

While Thomas Jones provides a home run threat, he has never played an entire season.

Although Benson and Jones would compliment one another, the fourth pick in the draft is not going to be given a $10 million signing bonus to split carries.

Would the Bears have been better served to re-sign Thomas and then use the fourth pick on a wide receiver?

Thomas has yet to sign with another club, which means the starting job he's looking for isn't available.

For the time being, Jones can still be used as third down back because of his ability to catch the ball and block.

Benson is an average receiver, but there's no way he can be expected to protect Rex Grossman on a blitz pickup.

Comparisons to Ricky Williams saw Benson try to distance himself from the controversial figure at the NFL combine.

Benson cut his dreadlocks and said while he knew Williams the two were not close.

The Bears would be ecstatic to get a back similar to Williams on the field, but it may put up a red flag for Angelo after releasing a former first round pick this off-season because of off the field antics and lack production.

"There are no two players that you say, ‘He's like this guy.' You have to treat them case by case," Angelo said.

"We're not judging their souls. What we look for in character, Are they good for business? And do you see that reflective on the field on Saturday or on Sunday? Do you see that character flaw manifest itself on the football field? That to me is a character problem."

If that's Angelo's requirement for character then there is a good chance Benson will end up in a Bears' uniform.

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