Snapshot: Chris Harris

Although the gray skies and unpleasantly low wind chill weren't exactly what Chris Harris had been looking forward to on his first weekend at Halls Hall, the Little Rock, Arkansas native and Louisiana-Monroe product still seemed delighted to be in Chicago.

"I guess this isn't the kind of day that I'd run into in Louisiana this time of year, but I'm up here now and it's never too soon to get used to what things will be like up north," Harris said.

There will be much more on Harris' mind in the coming weeks than the necessity of adjusting to the climate with a hefty playbook waiting in the meeting room and a number of new coaches to impress.

"This is really kind of cool," Harris said. "I'm not sure if this is exactly what I'd expected the NFL to be like, but it's probably pretty close. In a way this is like the first day of a new school. You don't know anybody and there are so many things to learn all at once. It's a little overwhelming but I'm sure that in time, I'll feel very comfortable here."

The 6-foot-1.5, 214-pound Harris was a four year starter at safety for Louisiana-Monroe, where he totaled seven interceptions and 96 tackles as a senior. Harris is known for his going for the big hit and looks forward to getting on the field anyway possible.

"Strong safety, free safety, whatever they want is fine by me. I did a lot of strong safety in school and I guess that's the slot I like the best. I'm sure that coach (Ron) Rivera has something in mind for me and that I'll be hearing exactly what that is in the very near future."

Despite all the rookies being on the same level during the mini-camp, Harris noticed the greatly increased speed of the professional game.

"I realize this is just the beginning, but it was somewhat of a shock to me," Harris said. "I pride myself on being real fast on the ball. But I guess that's something I'm going to have to concentrate on even more now. This is a whole other level of football to me."

Harris is proud of being the first defensive player picked by Chicago, even if the selection came the sixth round.

"That's pretty neat, to come in here like that" Harris said. "I'm proud that they felt I could get the job done on defense. I'm hoping that my contribution will come on interceptions. That's something I worked on pretty hard in college. I have good hands and an eye for the ball. It's just a matter of concentrating, of being in the right place at the right time. I can't wait to learn how to accomplish that in the pros."

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