Q & A with Daryl Drake: Part 2

In the second half of the interview with wide receivers coach Daryl Drake, he talks about the roles of the wideouts in Ron Turner's offense.

BR: Who starts opposite Muhsin Muhammad?
DD: "Well right now, it's Justin Gage. Justin Gage has earned that right. We're going to give him that shot. It's his and he needs to go out there and he knows what he needs to do and perform. But last year, I got asked everyday what about Justin Gage? Now he's here and you're asking me who we're going to put out there. It's Justin Gage."

BR: How does Bernard Berrian fit in?
DD: "Bernard Berrian will be out there too. What this offense does it's going to lend us a chance to get guys involved and the thing you can know about Ron Turner he's going to get the ball, he's going to spread the ball around. He's going to get the ball to the guys that are productive.

"There are certain things that Bernard Berrian does well. He can run the deep route as good as anybody, he's good at that. He may not be as good on underneath things, but we've got to put Bernard in a position where he can be successful.

"There are certain things that Justin Gage can do. When we get in the red zone throw it up to him, give him an opportunity to make plays. Running him on some different things that he does well.

"You know there are certain things that Bobby Wade does, got to get him involved.

And Moose, let him do everything."

BR: Is it a good problem to have too many receivers as opposed to carrying just four last year?
DD: "The only way will have that luxury is if some of those guys are performers on special teams that will give us an edge to do that. So you would hope that those guys would be great special teams players and be starters on special teams because that will give you a chance to do that. We didn't have that last year. You know we had four guys; we didn't have those receivers run on special teams. They know right now if they're going to get those opportunities they better be a guy that can play special teams and give us that extra."

BR: Is Airese Currie similar to Mark Bradley, in terms of being a fast-athletic receiver?
DD: "Very similar, really good hands. Very smart, fast, you know you win the ACC and run 10.2 seconds in the 100 meters. He's got proven track times, but he's a receiver. He's not a track guy that played football. He's a football player that ran track. We were real excited that he was sitting there at that time. He's a guy that has a great deal of ability. Caught a lot of balls and I'm excited about him and what he brings to the table."

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