Trivia Challenge

With the start of the season a little more than four months away, here's something to quench your football fix. It's time to test your knowledge of the Chicago Bears with this week's pop quiz.

1. Cedric Benson is the 13th running back the Bears have taken in the first round of the draft. Can you name the one that rushed for the most yards as a rookie?
A. Walter Payton
B. Gale Sayers
C. Rashaan Salaam
D. Curtis Enis

2. Cedric Benson now wears No. 32 for the Bears, but what teammate owned that number for the past two seasons.
A. Todd Johnson
B. Cameron Worrell
C. Charles Tillman
D. Jason McKie

3. What current Bear has appeared in the most games for the team?
A. Olin Kreutz
B. Patrick Mannelly
C. Brian Urlacher
D. Paul Edinger

4. The Bears have not taken an offensive line in each of the last two drafts. Can you name the last lineman to be drafted by the team?
A. Marc Colombo
B. Terrence Metcalf
C. Steve Edwards
D. Bryan Anderson

5. Alex Brown has led the Bears in sacks the past two seasons. Who was the last player to pace the team three years in a row?
A. Jim Flanigan
B. Rosevelt Colvin
C. Richard Dent
D. Steve McMichael

6. Who is the Bears active interception leader?
A. Mike Brown
B. Jerry Azumah
C. R.W. McQuarters
D. Mike Green

7. With David Terrell in New England, what current Bear has the most career receptions with the team?
A. Thomas Jones
B. Bobby Wade
C. Dustin Lyman
D. Desmond Clark

1. C – Rashaan Salaam rushed for 1,074 yards during his rookie campaign of 1995.

2. A – Todd Johnson wore No. 32 for two seasons, but switched to No. 35 so Cedric Benson could have his high school and college number.

3. B – Patrick Mannelly has appeared in 109 games for the Bears since being drafted by the team in the sixth round of the 1999 draft, which is 14 more than Olin Kreutz.

4. D- Bryan Anderson was a seventh round selection in the 2003 draft.

5. C – Richard Dent led the Bears in sacks from 1989-91 with totals of 9, 11.5 and 12. From 1984-91, he paced the team in sacks every season expect 1988, when Steve McMichael's 11.5 led the squad.

6. A – Despite not adding to his career total of 11 interceptions last season, Mike Brown is still ahead of Jerry Azumah and R.W. McQuarters, who have 10 and 9 picks with the Bears respectively.

7. D – Although he's only been with the team for two seasons, Desmond Clark's 68 receptions with the Bears is the highest total of any player currently with the team.

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