Bradley Ready to Prove Doubters Wrong

Second round pick Mark Bradley took the next step in his professional career on Tuesday, when the receiver signed a five-year contract. With the technicalities out of the way, he's ready to get to work.

The majority of the talk about Bradley has centered on his lack of snaps in college. In 25 games at Oklahoma he started just four times, while averaging 20.1-yards on 34 receptions and nine touchdowns. Potential proved enough to be taken with the 39th pick in the draft.

Although he's struggled to catch the ball consistently in practice, Bradley said he's starting to feel more comfortable with taking what he's learning in the classroom and applying it on the field.

In many ways his relationship with his father, Danny, has prepared Mark for life as a professional. Danny spent four years in the NFL and now represents Mark, who is the only first day selection to sign a deal thus far.

"It was special and to have someone in your family that's also your agent, someone you can really trust to have that relationship with that you can get it done a little quicker than most people," Bradley said.

Bradley understands why there is some doubt about his readiness to step in and make an impact as a rookie.

"It's questionable with the games I've played at Oklahoma as far as at receiver, but the coaches already took that into consideration (when the Bears selected me)," Bradley said.

The 6-foot-1, 200-pounder has been working overtime to improve. According to Bradley staying after practice is just part of what it takes to separate from the pack.

"The great ones you read about and see on television always pushed forward to do a little bit extra than most other guys do," Bradley said. "I'm trying to take that aspect and use it to my ability on and off the field."

Bradley plans on using the month break before the start of training camp to work on route running. Part of the motivation behind his work ethic is talk about him being an athlete trying to play receiver.

"It doesn't upset me it just gives me more of an edge to work on those attributes that they say I'm not really good at right now or not ready for," Bradley said.

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