Letters to the Editor

In response to the article earlier in the week, readers weigh in on what player numbers the Bears should considered retiring.

Regarding retiring numbers, Mike Ditka is the only one on the list deserving of it. Mike Singletary played during an era that defenses geared all tackles by the linebacker or safety. Check the records of all the other teams and you'll find it true. As for Brian Piccolo that was an emotional thing as there are several more deserving "Bears" including Bill Osmanski, Rick Casares and Neal Anderson.

Richard Krause

There's no doubt Mike Singletary should have his number retired. He led the greatest defense in NFL history and was given the Defensive Player of the Year award on two occasions. If the team hasn't had a player wear #50 since he retired it would seem they're holding it for some reason. Dick Jauron had the chance to bring him back as assistant coach and blew that, so why not make up for it him now.

Nate Bassett

I'm sorry, I just woke up to the fact that Dustin Lyman is wearing Iron Mike's old # 89. This guy can't stay on the field let alone catch a pass. No way should he be wearing Mr. Ditka's number. Having vented my anger I now say the Bears should not retire any more Numbers, but if they have to I think they should give the honor to Ditka.

Bill Ethtington

Any one inducted into the National Football League Hall of Fame should be given the honor of having their number retired. The Bears have the most players enshrined in Canton with 26, so it's going to be difficult to retire that many numbers. If I were to rank what player should go first, Dan Hampton would be at the top of my list. For more than a decade he symbolized what Chicago and the Bears stood for. Playing at a Pro Bowl level at whatever position the team needed him and often doing it when he was hurt. I know he's had some off the field issues, but if we were judging players on off the field merit we'd have to rethink a lot of things.

Chris Stuffin

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