Before They Were Pros: Kyle Orton

Before the Bears drafted Kyle Orton, he was a Purdue quarterback fielding questions from reporters at the combine. See what Orton had to say about his pro prospects before he knew where he was going, and about his life in college and his expectations.

Orton on the experience of being at the combine:
"This week will be a slower week. I've been in the East-West game and the Senior Bowl. Not a whole lot of guys do both games. I did, so I've been with a bunch of teams already."

On the type of questions asked in team interviews:
"They want to get a feel for if you can speak football, draw up a defense, and just go over a play and what you like about a play."

On handling the strange questions that come up in personal interviews with teams:
"They're strange but they make sense. It's a thing where team psychologists have to take a look at it. If they show a picture and ask whether it looks like cat or dog, I don't know how I'm supposed to answer. I answer dog because I like dogs more. I'm sure that question means something to somebody. What that might be? Somebody smarter than me probably knows."

On roller-coaster senior year:
" We had a rough stretch of losing close games to good opponents."

On whether or not the season went bad:
"Things went bad, it stunk. Personally, it didn't affect me a whole lot. We rebounded nice and got it going again."

On Drew Brees resurrecting his career with the Chargers and what that means for you:
" He had a great year and has a promising future. Because he's doing good, does that mean I'm gonna do well? No. If he did bad, does that mean I'm gonna do bad? No. Just because we played at the same school in the same system, that does not make us the same quarterback."

On expectations rookie season in the NFL:
"Every quarterback takes his lumps. But I also think I came in and played early in college. I think I have the ability and talent to play early in the pros also."

On how he compares to other draft prospects in throwing drills:
"I'm gonna throw the best I can. I'm real confident I'll be one of the better ones throwing. I take pride in the way I throw the football. I've got a whole lot of confidence in my arm."

On where he'll be drafted?
"It's just a matter of getting one team to look at you and say, this is the guy I like. Somewhere in the mid-first to early second round, maybe."

On his style of play:
"What I think fits my style the best for the next level is having a straight drop-back game, throw off play action, just a straight drop back game. Hopefully get a vertical threat down the field."

On his mobility in the pocket:
"I've got enough foot speed to get four- or five-yard first downs. I'm not gonna take one 50 yards. But I can get outside the pocket, and when I do I'm still looking to throw. I'm not looking to tuck and run as often as some of the other guys."

On which NFL quarterbacks appeal the most in terms of his style of play
"Brett Favre loves to play the game. He likes to compete. He has so much confidence in his arm. He loves to compete and that's why I like to play. He has so much fun."

On his strengths:
"My game smarts. I manage a football game. I threw something like 10 interceptions the last two years. I take care of the football. I've got an arm that allows me to make some of the throws the other guys can't make, and do it with regularity."

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