Q & A

New Bears linebacker Mike Caldwell

BR: What will be your role with the Bears?

Caldwell: ``To tell you the truth it depends on the situation with the other outside linebackers. It could end up getting into a starting job. Basically play the role is to come back and contribute, Whatever way they need me I feel comfortable playing that role.''

BR: Do you prefer the weakside or strongside linebacker position?

Caldwell: ``Throughout my career I've bounced back and forth so I'm capable of playing either way. I think I'm versatile in that aspect. So whatever way they need me to play, strong side, weakside, special teams, wherever they need me.''

BR: Why did you decide to leave Philadelphia?

Caldwell: ``I think they wanted to go in another direction. It would have been an option but I don't think it would have been the best option for me or them. I think they wanted to get a look at a couple other guys they drafted last year. So I think it worked out better for me to come here in a situation where I feel comfortable and know my role going into the season.''

BR: Why sign with the Bears when you might not start, if Warrick Holdman is re-signed?

Caldwell: ``I felt I was going to a topnotch program. They're on the rise. They're a young team and I feel that I can add a piece to it whether it's leadership or being unselfish and showing other people what it takes to get there. I really didn't want to go to a place where they were in a rebuilding phase. I feel I have a good opportunity to get back to the playoffs and get to the next step. I was in the NFC championship last year and I think I can get to the Super Bowl this year.''

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