Notes as Camp Opens

BOURBONNAIS - Veteran guard Ruben Brown has fully recovered from the disc surgery that ended his season last year, but a real concern was the scary car crash he, wife Kenia and family walked away from last month.

"My 3-year-old had 2 stitches in the back of his head, my other two -- my baby girl and my 6-year-old -- didn't even get a scratch on them and my wife had seven stitches behind her calf," said Brown, who emerged with just a few scrapes.

"Lucky is far beyond the word they use for that because that truck (SUV) is totaled. The whole top of it is pancaked now and I couldn't even tell you how I got out of that."

The crash occurred near the New York-Pennsylvania border when Brown and his family was en route to Long Island on June 28.

"I just dozed off, ran off the road and tried to get back on but it was too late," he said. "I'm just happy that my family got to walk away from it, no broken bones or anything like that. I'm just happy that they're all fine.

"They actually are heading back from vacation right now from Long Island and my brother-in-law is driving them. I was just a little nervous about that but they made it home safe and everything is OK."

Private matter: The Brian Urlacher paternity scandal, which broke earlier this week, is of no concern to the Bears' coach.

Urlacher, who is divorced, filed a Will County paternity suit earlier this week in which he was confirmed the father of a two-month-old born to a 33-year-old woman through genetic testing.

"I think if you talk to all of us, we all have something personal going on in our lives," Lovie Smith said. "We all like to keep it personal. That's why it is a personal problem."

Pressing issue: The fullback position is probably Smith's greatest concern at this point. The team's injury problems at fullback led Friday to the signing of Marc Edwards. Bryan Johnson (foot) and Jason McKie (torn pec muscle) are sidelined.

Smith wouldn't say Edwards will line up with starters, but did say he'll compete with Keith (Thump) Belton and tight end Gabe Reid at the position.

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