Bernard Berrian Q&A

Bourbonnais - Who will start opposite Muhsin Muhammad? Bernard Berrian believes he knows the answer to the question everyone is asking.

Berrian caught 15 balls as a rookie with an impressive 15.0-yard average. His two receiving touchdowns were good enough to tie for the team lead. He appeared in 16 games with one start and showed a knack for the deep route.

The six-foot-1, 177-pound receiver impressed the coaching staff enough to be given a chance to compete for a starting role opposite two-time Pro Bowler Muhsin Muhammad.

Justin Gage remains Berrian's top competition for the job, which will play out over training camp and the preseason.

Here are Berrian's responses in an exclusive Q&A with Bear Report.

BR: Considering you're the lightest receiver on the team, have you ever have a problem getting jammed on the line of scrimmage?
Berrian: "It really hasn't been a problem, it's just getting used to it. During all the off-season programs we're not allowed to work against the press, so it's just getting back into working against it and then you get the ability back to be able to get off of it."

BR: What did you take away from your rookie season?
"Just the whole learning process of being in the NFL and seeing how things work."

BR: With Muhsin Muhammad expected to command double teams, what does that mean for whoever starts opposite of him?
"If you get a one-on-one you definitely have to win that battle."

BR: Has your role changed in Ron Turner's offense?
"I really don't think my role has really changed, it's just now fighting for that starting job."

BR: Did you expect to be challenging for a starting job in your second year?
"This is definitely where I wanted to be right now. I want to fight for a starting job, that's what I'm here to do. I don't want sit down and come in on third down or just certain plays."

BR: Did you find your rookie season frustrating or did you expect growing pains?
"It was both, I was still frustrated, but I still kind of expected it. The way I am, I don't take anything lightly. I like being out there and it frustrated me a lot not to be."

BR: Aside from Muhammad, all the receivers are in a similar position of lacking experience.
"Moose is the granddaddy out here. But we've learned a lot from Moose. Moose is a great guy, he still plays around with us and everything so he's still like a little kid out here."

BR: What have you learned from him over the past few months?
"Watching him and if he sees something wrong, he'll let you know. He'll say you should have done this to get open a little bit more."

BR: Was the receiving corps missing that leadership element last year?
"We'd help each other out, but it's better coming from a seasoned vet that's been in there because he knows so much more than us."

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