Work in Progress

Bears general manager Jerry Angelo has stated a need to find a quarterback in the draft -- a project for the future.

It's difficult to find a player at this position with more untapped talent than Louisiana State University quarterback Rohan Davey, and the Bears acknowledged this by talking at length with him at the March NFL scouting combine.

Davey's cannon arm and great size alone make him a prospect. At the combine, Davey got the impression most NFL teams think this way about him.

``I feel they look at me more as an upside, that this guy has lot more football ahead of him,'' Davey surmised. ``Right now I'm like a sponge. Everything I get, I'm soaking in because every point is new to me.

``So I'm loving it right now.''

Davey's lack of polish is obvious. It sometimes fools the experts.

``He was awful fundamentally,'' Redskins director of player personnel Vinny Cerrato said after seeing Davey in Senior Bowl practices. ``His techniques were terrible. His accuracy was not good.''

The knock was Davey often threw the ball off the wrong foot. He often threw with defensive players hanging on his body or without stepping into the ball. Trouble was, most of those poorly executed passes reached receivers with good zip.

Davey acknowledges the validity of some concerns, particularly his poor footwork when throwing and dropping back to throw.

``Definitely footwork is one of the things I am working on now and definitely want to improve,'' he said.

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