Perceived Strength

Despite having Marty Booker, who caught 100 balls last season, and David Terrell a first round pick in 2000 the Bears may choose a receiver in the draft.

This draft is deep with talented wide receivers, meaning the Bears could improve their offense despite picking toward the end of round one. Some big-time players, such as Michigan's Marquise Walker, Florida's Reche Caldwell, Louisiana State's Josh Reed and Pittsburgh's Antonio Bryant could be available at No. 29. Because of Marcus Robinson's injury problems, one of these guys would fit in nicely behind Terrell, and Booker.

With Robinson's future in doubt and the possibility of losing D'Wayne Bates the Bears could use depth at the position.

Rumor Mill While they say they have no interest in New England quarterback Drew Bledsoe and are leaning toward Atlanta's Chris Chandler, that may just be lip service in hopes of saving their first round draft pick.

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