Bears acting defensive

LAKE FOREST -- Jerry Angelo wasn't kidding Wednesday when he said this has been "March Madness" for the Bears.

The NFL draft is just around the corner, April 20-21 to be exact, so doing heavy-duty research and taking care of homework is the norm around the league.

Angelo, the Bears' general manager, addressed the media Wednesday at Halas Hall, and didn't appear to hide anything about the direction the Bears are headed with the 29th overall pick.

"We've said we've wanted to juice up the pass rush from the front four," said Angelo, who will oversee his first draft with the Bears. "After watching Keith Traylor run back that interception (against Jacksonville) we would like to get a little more juice than Keith -- we really like the way Keith played for us, and I'm not minimizing that -- but we'd really like to get somebody inside or outside.

"Everybody ties that in with the right (defensive) end, but you can get good inside pressure from (tackles), too."

Angelo said he's seen plenty of mock drafts and heard about the Bears' draft plans. He mentioned Syracuse defensive end Dwight Freeney as one of many possibilities. Freeney has the size at 265 pounds and the speed (4.4, 40 speed) to warrant the pick.

"I'm not going to get so driven that we have to get the next Richard Dent that we could potentially get a bust," Angelo said. "One thing you'll find out about that (defensive end) position, you get an edge guy and he can't become a 14 or 15 sack (a year) guy -- and history tells you 75 percent can't -- then you have nothing because they can't play the run either because they are too small."

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