Friday Camp Quick Hitters

Bourbonnais - The Bears had just one practice on Friday, but wideout Muhsin Muhammad took the opportunity to show his younger counterparts a few impressive moves that left them shaking their heads.

Muhammad showed Jerrell Pippens what the transition from safety to cornerback is all about. During an eleven-on-eleven drill, Pippens matched up with Muhammad and the veteran pushed off the youngster to come up with a reception. Pippens has good size at 6-foot-2, 190 pounds but will need to learn how to use it to his advantage.

The two-time Pro Bowler also beat Charles Tillman in a red zone drill toward the end of practice. He took a slant route from Rex Grossman and caught it in the end zone. He wasn't shy about celebrating the score with a high step followed by spiking the ball.

Grossman has not looked good the past two practices. He threw multiple interceptions on Thursday and overthrew his targets on deep routes today. Getting a chance to see him in game action against Miami will be a true test of his knee and where the offense needs to improve.

Tight end John Owens struggled to hold onto the ball. He dropped one pass and then allowed Hunter Hillenmeyer to strip the ball from him on another attempt. Considering the competition at tight end has no standouts, performances like this will not help his cause.

Rashied Davis has been consistently tested by Bear quarterbacks in practice. Tight end Ron Johnson took advantage of Davis' 5-foot-9 frame by coming down with a reception in the end zone from Chad Hutchinson.

The Bears got a scare when Tillman came up with a great interception of a Grossman pass, but got tangled up with Justin Gage as he picked off the ball and went to the ground. It turned out to be a poke in the eye that kept him out for a few plays, but for the second time this week the defense was without its top two cornerbacks.

Nathan Vasher had coverage on Gage on a deep ball from Grossman and, accidentally or not, tripped the receiver, which resulted in an incomplete pass.

Mark Bradley sat out practice because of soreness in his left knee, which he took a shot to on Monday. Although he's expected to play on Monday, the team is taking a cautious approach with the rookie.

Marc Colombo returned to the field after missing two days of work because of a skin infection in his knee.

Linebackers LeVar Woods and Jeremy Cain worked after practice on their long snapping. Both players are fighting to make the roster and appear willing to learn a new trade in order to make themselves as valuable as possible.

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