Rookie Diary: Rashied Davis

Bourbonnais - Rashied Davis, a cornerback who most recently played for the Arena League's San Jose Saber Cats, signed by the Bears to a three-year contract on June 3. Although he has yet to play his first preseason game in the NFL, Davis brings impressive credentials earned in the Arena League.

The 5-foot-9, 180-pound Davis, a graduate of San Jose State, was chosen Saber Cats MVP and Offensive player of the Year. He finished his final season with the team with 44 touchdowns and tied a team record with six kickoff return touchdowns. Davis also caught 100 passes for 1,420 yards.

Davis talks about his transition into the NFL so far:

Now that I am with the Bears, I expect to be competing for a place on special teams, probably as a kick return specialist. I am also in the mix for the CB spot.

What do I bring to the Bears? I have professional experience, even if it was in another league. I think that football is football, no matter where you are playing the game. Our workouts were similar to what the Bears do, and the conditioning requirements are similar.

In Arena ball, the field is much shorter but you still spend most of your time running back and forth, from end zone to end zone. It's incredibly strenuous. That said, I really expect the NFL to be much more difficult. In Arena, you must have short burst of speed. In the NFL you have to sustain that level of effort for a much longer period of time.

I think having experienced the world of professional sports already, my transition as a rookie here will be much easier overall. I understand how to travel with a team, how to adjust for different environments, how to keep my mind on the game. I realize that college players would have had similar experiences, but it's still a level higher when you are a pro.

When camp began, I saw somewhat surprised by the intensity of each day. You go from class to the field to workouts and back to class. Pacing yourself is important if you want to stay healthy mentally and physically.

I wasn't completely surprised when the call came to my agent to join the Bears once the Arena season had ended. I'd had some feelers from other teams during our season and suspected that I would end up with an NFL team sooner rather than later. I was delighted that Chicago was the top offer. I like this team and the coaching staff is as good as you can find anywhere.

Arena ball is great, the guys are good players, and its a rewarding game but I think most of the guys who are playing at that level would tell you that it was their ultimate dream to be picked to join the NFL. I know that was what I'd been working towards.

The rules are different in Arena ball but that isn't something that will bother me. I grew up playing regular football so it is as if I were back in college again. I think the transition from college to Arena was much larger than the change from Arena to the NFL.

It's great that another Arena player, Derek Lee is with the Bears. We have a lot in common. I knew he had done well in Atlanta so it wasn't that surprising to find him coming with the Bears.

My goal right now is to continue doing as well as I possibly can. I think that I bring a lot to the table in terms of speed and agility. I have a good eye for the ball and am able to read a play pretty early on. That's important if you want to play on kickoff returns or as a CB. There's quite a bit of competition for those spots, but I feel confident that I'll be able to make a positive impact.

Going to Canton for the Monday Night game should be a lot of fun. It will be strange to be playing outdoors again. In the Arena league it doesn't matter whether its night or day. The conditions are always the same.

My family is really excited about all of this. I think they are planning a big party to watch the game telecast. That won't be any added pressure for me, it will be fun. I am interested to find out just what the competition is like. We've been playing against other Bears for a few weeks now. It's time to meet the rest of the league.

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