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Fringe players fighting for roster spots can earn themselves a ticket to the regular season with their performance in the preseason. What players helped or hurt their cause with their effort against the Miami Dolphins?

Mark Bradley – five receptions for 131 yards says it all. The rookie receiver caught the deep ball, but even more impressive, he took a short reception and turned it into a 32-yard gain.

Kyle Orton – there was never any doubt that he would make the team as the third quarterback, but completing 7-of-11 for 175 yards and a 43-yard touchdown is a solid debut. He overcame an early interception to lead the team to a win.

Jerrell Pippens – The battle for the fourth quarterback spot is wide open. An interception to win a game is a good way to separate from the competition.

Rashied Davis – he led the team in tackles with 8 stops (7 solo). He didn't get a chance to return kicks or punts, which could be another factor in his fight to make the team.

Gabe Lindstrom – his first days in camp were less than impressive. However, over the last week he has come on strong, including averaging 47.7 yards on five punts against Miami. When healthy, Brad Maynard may have as a secure spot on the roster as anyone, meaning Lindstrom is just trying out for another team.

John Gilmore – given the chance to start at tight end could have been his coming out party. He dropped the only ball thrown his way, which will not help when the biggest question about him is his readiness to contribute in the passing game.

Dustin Lyman – two holding penalties in the first half will not help his cause. Gilmore has moved ahead of him on the depth chart and Desmond Clark is expected to return to practice sometime this week.

Adrian Peterson – it took six carries to show why he'll have to earn a roster spot with his play on special teams. With Cedric Benson not in camp, Peterson has received more carries than he normally would. At the same time it reminds the coaching staff that he's not capable of being a No. 2 back.

Bobby Wade – averaged 3.5 yards on two punts returns. He lacks the speed and the moves to be an every down receiver, so he'll have to be a factor in the slot. He came away without a reception when 10 different players had at least one catch.

Bobby Gray – worked with the first team in practice for much of the week leading up to the game. When it came down to playing, Gray had two critical errors that cost the Bears 14 points. He allowed Bryan Gilmore to get behind him for a 26-yard touchdown pass late in the first half. Then in the third quarter, an illegal use of hands penalty gave the Dolphins a fresh set of downs and led to another touchdown.

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