Grossman Timetable Remains Uncertain

Bourbonnais - While GM Jerry Angelo said the procedure to repair Rex Grossman's broken left ankle "went well", no date has been set for his recovery or if he will return at all this season.

"I'm not going to sit here and give anything right now until after we talk to our medical people," Angelo said. "We'll know that probably within the next 24 hours."

The difference between leaving the door open for Grossman's return this season and using up a roster spot on a player that will likely miss at least half the year is risky.

"I told Rex this after the game, I said we're going to do everything we can to make sure you can continue your progress with us, but our first priority is with the team and what's in the best interest of our team," Angelo said. "He understands that."

Angelo also took the time to defend his team. In recent days there has been an onslaught of questions about the team's ability to win without Grossman leading the offense.

"I know a lot is being said about Rex and there is a lot of things being said, the eulogy of the team given that Rex is out," Angelo said. "I want to make sure are fans know we are not here lamenting over Rex Grossman."

The Waiting Game
Despite reports to the contrary, talks between Cedric Benson and the Bears do not appear to be moving toward an agreement.

"We really haven't had any progress on that," Angelo said. "It's unfortunate. We're still working on it. It's just not happening."

Ronnie Brown, who was the second overall pick, agreed to a five-year deal with the Miami Dolphins worth $35 million, including $20 million guaranteed. Like Benson, Brown missed three weeks of training camp before reporting for work on Monday.

With each day and practice that passes, Benson will have more and more to learn in a short amount of time.

"He needed all those practices but they're gone," said head coach Lovie Smith. "Now we just can't wait to get him in camp, once we get him in camp - now it's cram time, it's final exam time when he gets here."

Welcome Wagon
It took more than three weeks for the first fight of training camp. During an eleven-on-eleven drill Monday evening, guard Steve Edwards and newly signed defensive tackle Antonio Garay exchanged blows.

"That's just practice," Edwards said. "Teammates are going to get into it and off the field the field we're going to be friends, so it's just part of the game."

No was hurt in the altercation, but considering Garay had been with the team for only a few hours it was a quick way to make an impression.

"No damage done," Smith said. "Most times guys do that to get a couple plays off, that's what they did and they were able to get back in after that."

Keeping score
The first team offense failed to score in the four-minute drill, but Chad Hutchinson and Muhsin Muhammad seem to be on the same page early in their quarterback-receiver relationship.

The duo hooked up on a deep connection earlier in practice and would have for a second time, if not for a pass interference penalty on Charles Tillman. On the next play, Muhammad beat Tillman again, but he failed to haul in a catchable pass in the end zone.

The unit came back and got a touchdown during the two-minute drill on a pass from Hutchinson to Bobby Wade. The second team offense hit on a 55-yard pass from Kyle Orton to Bernard Berrian, who beat Rashied Davis and Todd Johnson. The unit did not reach the end zone in the two-minute drill.

Ins & Outs
Jeff Blake was on the practice field Monday evening and did some light work. He will wear No. 11, which had been worn by Ron Johnson, who switched to No. 81.

To make room for the addition of Blake and Garay, the Bears released DT Jonathan Jackson and WR Derek Lee.

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