Waiting for an Opportunity

With Friday's release of left tackle Blake Brockermeyer the Bears are now depending on Bernard Robertson, who failed to get on the field during his rookie season, to become a starter.

"We would have never done this (released Brockermeyer) unless we had that somebody in mind and that's Bernard Robertson," Bears GM Jerry Angelo said. "Bernard played the left tackle position in college. We had a good feel for him in training camp, had a feel that he will be a viable replacement."

Robertson is expected to go from game day inactive to protecting the blindside of quarterback Jim Miller.

"Yes, he hasn't had any snaps; there's always the unknown, but that's just the nature of the business," Angelo said.

Despite the teams positive outlook on Robertson the Bears may address the tackle position in the draft.

"We're not going to be driven by a need in the draft," Angelo said. "We like Robertson and we're comfortable. If we weren't comfortable with him, we would not have made the decision that we did. We would have ran more risks with Blake, but we thought Robertson gave us the safety net and we felt what we did based on other moves on our offensive line position, this was the best course to take."

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