Monday News from Halas Hall

Lake Forest - The Bears have shown of late they are looking to upgrade weaker positions on the roster, but will that include tight end?

General manager Jerry Angelo pulled off two trades and searched the waiver wire in an attempt to improve the talent on the bottom half of the roster.

However, the Bears are unlikely to go after tight end Teyo Johnson because he had an "icy" relationship with Raiders head coach Norv Turner, the brother of Bears offensive coordinator Ron Turner.

Johnson is a former second round pick out of Stanford that has not flourished in Oakland. He has 23 career receptions in 24 games, including six starts.

The Raiders traded tight end Doug Jolley in the off-season, which seemed to open a spot for Johnson. But the Raiders went with Courtney Anderson as the starter, despite the fact that he had just two receptions to Johnson's five in the preseason.

''With every move, the thing you're trying to do is find the most complete players to fill out our entire roster," Turner said. ''When you tie in everything involved, in terms of playing the position, playing a backup, playing special teams ... there was just another direction we wanted to go in.''

Johnson had fallen out of favor with the Raiders coaching staff during the 2004 offseason when he took part in an NFL-sponsored trip to China rather than taking part in Oakland's offseason workouts. Though he later became a starter for the team when Anderson got hurt, Johnson was relegated to a backup role throughout the preseason this year.

Turner said that the tenuous relationship between he and Johnson was not a factor in the decision to release the former Stanford star.

''I think there's a perception on that,'' Turner said. ''But everyone involved in coaching Teyo, we worked hard to give him an opportunity to be successful. When you have a guy you see has potential ... you want to see that develop and come out. At times it did. It's just finding the consistency was the thing we were looking for.''

Still the Bears could use the help at one of the weakest positions on the team. Desmond Clark is the starter with John Gilmore as the No. 2. While Gabe Reid made the team as a hybrid between tight end and H-back, he's a natural pass catcher that lacks the size be an effective inline blocker.

At six-foot-6, 260 pounds Johnson could offer a tight that could immediately contribute with the talent to work his way up the depth chart.

In other happenings
Keith Thump Belton will return to his first full practice in nearly a month after suffering an ankle sprain in the preseason opener. Although he's on the practice squad, with only one true fullback on the roster there's a chance he will work behind starter Marc Edwards incase he is needed.

Roster Moves
The Bears have waived defensive tackle Darrell Campbell. If he clears waivers there is a good chance he will end up on the practice squad. The roster exemption for Cedric Benson means the Bears could add another player through Sept. 12.

The practice squad now stands at eight after the addition of quarterback J.T. O'Sullivan. The four-year veteran had been with Green Bay since coming over in a trade with the Saints last season. He originally entered the league as a sixth round pick by New Orleans in 2002. He has yet to throw a pass in a regular season game, but the Packers selection of Aaron Rodgers in the first round made O'Sullivan expendable.

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