Letter to the Editor

The blame for the Bears QB fiasco has to be put squarely on the shoulders of general manger Jerry Angelo. His failure is the primary reason the Bears will more than likely finish with a losing season for the eighth time in nine years.

Since 2003, Angelo knew that Rex Grossman was fragile. At least that's when most fans were beginning to sense that was the case. Then in 2004, Grossman lasted 3 games into the season. If you're counting, that's strike 2!

A decision had to be made this off-season on Grossman's back-up in 2005. The Bears brought in proven veterans like Kurt Warner, Brad Johnson, and Jay Fiedler for a workout at Halas Hall and after all was said and done, Angelo decides to keep Chad Hutchinson.

Aside from putting huge numbers against a poor Minnesota secondary, Hutchinson did little to ease anyone minds in the five starts. In fact, you got the feeling then that the Bears would be in trouble if he was the only option behind Grossman. Well, that has come to fruition.

Unless Kyle Orton is the second coming of Ben Roethlisberger, the Bears can just "phone in" the 2005 Season.

Why is it "year after year" that the Bears make such poor decisions at key positions like quarterback and receiver. I feel for Muhsin Muhammad this season. Opposing defenses will "tee-off" on him something awful considering the team has no other serious threat at wideout outside of rookie Mark Bradley.

Again, Angelo had the opportunity to give Muhammad help with a free agent addition. And no, I don't believe money was the issue here again.

As far as I, along with many other fans who love the Bears, am concerned, ownership can go ahead and dismiss Angelo now. And this time, get it right! Go hire Mike Ditka or former GM Jerry Vainisi to replace Angelo. At least, the Bears will finally have some direction.

P.S. This letter is dedicated to my mother who so loved the Bears for over 75 years and recently passed away. Thank you for letting me speak for her also.

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