Lions Offensive Line Suspect? Urlacher Thinks So

The struggles of the Lions offensive line have not gone unnoticed around the league. Despite a solid win at home by Detroit against Green Bay, the Chicago Bears are decidedly underwhelmed by what they believe they'll face this Sunday in their home opener against Detroit. Quotes from Brian Urlacher, Lions' quarterback Joey Harrington and more inside.

Urlacher was pointed in his remarks and intimated that the Bears will be able to whip the Lions upfront and feels that they can keep the Lions triplets (Roy Williams, Mike Williams and Charles Rogers) off the scoreboard by simply doing one thing well.

"They have Charles Rogers, and (Roy) Williams and the guy out of USC (Mike Williams) and (Marcus) Pollard was one of the best tight ends in the league last year," remarked Urlacher during Wednesday's conference call. "But one of the big things is that you have to protect your quarterback. If (we) put pressure on him, it will stop the run."

When asked if he thought the Lions offensive line was suspect, Urlacher replied, "You said it, not me."

He continued: "We are going to do some things that we feel we can put pressure on the quarterback just like we do every week. We are going to have some schemes where we can get pressure on Joey (Harrington), get some sacks and some takeaways."

Urlacher says the Bears' defense can play better than it did in holding Washington to just three field goals in a 9-7 season opening loss.

"We didn't tackle (against Washington), we didn't get in our gaps and our defense is about getting in their gaps and we didn't do that on Sunday. We missed a bunch of tackles and we just can't do that if we want to give ourselves a chance to win games, we can't do that stuff. Detroit is a totally different offense than Washington is, so we will have a different game plan for them. We just have to tackle and get in our gaps."

When asked how Washington's attack differs from Detroit's, he said, "Washington runs a bunch of zone schemes and they cut our defensive linemen to get them on the ground. I think Detroit is more straight ahead. They run a lot of leads and they will pull a lot of guys."

Lions quarterback Joey Harrington believes the talk about the Lions offensive line being suspect is nonsense.

"I have every bit of confidence in our offensive line. They have done a good job picking up the blitzes so far this year. Very few times have we had any real breakdowns and on the occasions that it does happen we have picked it (the blitz) up well."

Harrington believes Detroit will be able to move the football against Chicago but admitted it would be a different challenge.

"It's nice when you play well against those types of defenses and do the things that you plan on doing, but you also have to know that it is a great defense and it's the type of defense that will hold a team in a game. If things don't go well for us every play of the game we've got to be solid enough in the head to know that we've got to keep pushing and know that we are going to make those plays eventually.

"We are going to make plays; we have too many guys out here for it not to work."

Lovie Smith is counting on his defense to back up its talk.

"That is how we set our team up. We have a good defense. We are in the second year with our defense and this is the first year for our new offensive system. That should be the case with good defense and great play from our special teams as we come along.

"We talked earlier, we do have a new quarterback (rookie Kyle Orton) and he is getting used to being in control of the offense but our defense has been together and we expect them to lead us. We played okay last week. We were pleased with the 9 points that we gave up but we can play a lot better than we did this past week."

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