Notebook: Orton Owns Up to Mistakes

Chicago - The rookie status of Bears quarterback Kyle Orton was never more evident than on his second interception of the game. He admitted to being confused at times by the Bengals' disguised pass coverages, and they victimized him more than once.

With the ball at the Bears' 35 in the first quarter, he read a blitz from the Bengals and went to the "hot" receiver on the play, Bobby Wade.

Instead, Keiwan Ratliff came up with an interception when Orton threw the ball up for grabs right into the teeth of double pass coverage.

"On the second one, he thought they were coming with the blitz," Turner said. "He was ready to throw it hot, they didn't come, and so he threw it hot anyway and he didn't have to. That's going to happen. Things like that are going to happen."

Orton showed his inexperience again on the third interception, one made by safety Madieu Williams on a pass to Muhsin Muhammad, who was also double-covered.

"The safety kind of seemed like he was in the middle of the field so I thought I had a good one-on-one matchup against Moose," Orton said. "And right when the ball left, the safety (Williams) just sprinted right over there. I probably hadn't made a good decision to go there."

Poor First Impression
Kicker Doug Brien has gotten off on the wrong foot in his Bears career.

On Sunday, he missed a 39-yard field goal wide left just before halftime that would have cut the Bears' halftime deficit to 10-3. After their only touchdown in the fourth quarter, they still would have been in the game at 17-10 if Brien had made the kick.

The miss on a wet field brought Brien's season' mark to 1-for-4. He was 1-for-3 in Week 2 with a 48-yarder and misses from 48 and 36 yards.

"Doug has to kick the ball better," Smith said. "We realize it and he does. It's just something that we're going to have to improve on, too."

The Bears' upcoming bye week would seem the perfect time to bring in other kickers for a tryout.

"We're keeping our team just like it is right now," Smith said.

Playing with Pain
Bears defensive end Adewale Ogunleye played the whole game and picked up his second sack of the season despite suffering pain from a left ankle sprain.

He said he was about "75 to 80 percent," of full strength for the game.

"I played well on it," he said. "It's just that it felt like crap today. But I was able to get out there and do some positive things. There's still some things that I need to get better on my game besides the injury.

"So I'm just trying to get better week by week and definitely within two weeks should be OK. It (the ankle) was almost not even an issue this game."

Ogunleye has two weeks off to rest the ankle because of the Bears' upcoming bye week.

Tough Call
The Bears committed seven penalties for 88 yards but none on offense were more costly than one on rookie wide receiver Mark Bradley for a late hit.

The 15-yard flag came with the Bears at the Bengals' 17 just before halftime. Instead of a shot at the touchdown, they wound up facing second-and-22 at the Bengals' 32 and settled for a Doug Brien field goal try from 39 yards which missed to the left.

"It was a chop block call after the play was over," Bradley said. "I didn't think it was after the whistle. Even the coaches didn't think so."

Bears tight end Desmond Clark suffered a neck strain in the first half and did not return in the second half. He wore a supportive collar after the game. None of the Bears' tight ends caught a pass in the game. There was a crowd of 57,865 in attendance, meaning there were 4,180 no-shows.

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