Player Perspective: Brendon Ayanbadejo

Not much went right for the Bears in their 24-7 loss to Cincinnati, but there were some things to build on according to Brendon Ayanbadejo.

Sunday's game was one of those things you just don't want to see, but it's over and done with so its time to move on. We spent most of Monday morning watching film and the encouraging sign for those of us on defense was that there weren't that many mistakes overall. Unfortunately the mistakes that we did have often resulted in scores so that is something that will have to be addressed before the next game.

When I'm out there playing, I do what I do and I don't pay any attention to the scoreboard. When I'm off the field, I look up and see where we are. I was more than a little surprised as I saw things unfolding on Sunday. That wasn't what I expected.

We have several practices this week and we'll just be going back to basics, watching over every single detail until we are back where we want to be. We are pleased that there weren't any major injuries to any of the players, which is something that the team had to contend with most of last season.

Nobody blames Kyle Orton for anything bad that happened. We realize that he's a rookie and that he is in a learning process right now. Kyle is a smart player and a hard worker. We expect him to be back on the field in two weeks leading the offense.

I think that most of us were impressed by Carson Palmer's level of play. While we were able to stop him from time to time, he played consistently and was able to move the ball down the field. He worked well with his receivers, and they did get good yardage through the air. We were able to do some damage to the Bengals' running game, however.

One thing that was tough for the defense was the amount of time we were on the field. It seemed that we'd just come out and sit down then we would be right back out there once more. Our conditioning is good so it wasn't a huge problem, but fatigue was somewhat of a factor towards the end. The weather made the field a bit sloppy, but that was something everybody had to contend with. It can be the kind of a situation that can lead to injury, so you do tend to worry about that.

Am I upset about the outcome? Yes, of course, but I'm not going to beat myself up over it. When you've been around the league for a while, you learn how to move on. You see your errors and try to correct them, then you shift gears mentally and focus on the next opponent.

We have a bye week coming up and the timing for that is good. I think it will be beneficial to take a weekend off and reassess things a bit. The season is long and it tends to take a lot out of the players. Sometimes it's good to sit back and relax a little. I plan to settle into my new condo and just chill out.

Although we don't have a game this week, we'll be practicing this week to get ready for the next game. We haven't spent any time looking at films on the Brown as yet. At this point, we are concentrating on the analysis of our own play so we can work on specific improvement in practice.

I'd say that the mood of the team is subdued but not discouraged by any means. It's a long season and there are plenty more wins to come. I think we can pull together and make things right.

Ayanbadejo has agreed to share his observations of life in the National Football League with Bear Report readers. Brendon will be checking in via the website on a weekly basis.

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