Unfamiliar Territory

The Bears know players will fall, like Randy Moss did to the 21st spot in 1998, but they're also realistic that certain guys they've penciled in their area will be there. It's a matter of where they feel the biggest need is, and who's the best player available.<p>

"What you saw with Anthony Thomas (last year's second-round pick and offensive rookie of the year) was an exception to the rule," Bears GM Jerry Angelo said. "We're a good football team. I don't have any visions that we're going to pick this special player at 29 and he's going to come in and become a household name.

"We want to get a good football player ... that we can win with."

Considering the Bears went with offensive players in their first three picks last season -- Terrell, Thomas and guard Mike Gandy -- it might be the defense's turn to get some help via the draft.

"I've never been greedy," Bears defensive coordinator Greg Blache said. "I just go with what guys they give me. But we've never been snobbish about starting rookies. We'll let them come in and compete for a job, and if they take one, they've earned it."

Look for a defensive lineman, some help in the secondary and maybe a quarterback in the later rounds for the Bears. Veteran Chris Chandler was just signed, but the team has expressed interest in grooming a quarterback for the future.

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