Benson Does Little to Improve his Plight

CLEVELAND - Rookie Bears running back Cedric Benson hasn't been used on passing downs and in Sunday's 20-10 loss to the Cleveland Browns he did little to show he deserved more carries on first and second down either.

One game after standing on the sidelines the whole contest, Benson gained 6 yards on five carries, lost a critical fumble in the third quarter with the Bears pushing to expand their 10-6 lead and failed to gain a first down on a second-quarter fourth-and-two play with the Bears in scoring position at Cleveland's 29.

"He's backing up Thomas (Jones) and he didn't play as well as our starter today," Bears coach Lovie Smith said.

The fourth-down carry was particularly disappointing to Benson as he collided with right guard Terrence Metcalf, who was pulling and going into the line left of center to try and open a hole ahead of Benson.

"I saw him out of the corner of my eye," Benson said. "I remember hitting him first. I maybe could have been a little deeper and maybe not got to the hole so quick, but it was fourth and one.

"I didn't want to be dancing around looking for any hole. I just wanted to get the first one."

Coach Lovie Smith wouldn't put Benson on the field in the fourth quarter after Jones suffered a knee bruise and had to leave the game. Instead, Adrian Peterson played with the Bears trailing and in a passing situation.

Benson hasn't been on the field in many passing situations.

"We feel more comfortable, probably, with Adrian on third down right now," Smith said. "We were in a little bit different mode as far as throwing the football at the time."

Smith said Benson's role wouldn't be likely to increase on third down anytime soon, even if Jones is out for any amount of time.

However, the situation is different on first and second down. If Jones is out, it could be Benson's opportunity.

"Based on how bad the injury is, now is the time," Smith said.

Kicking It Around
Former Penn State kicker Robbie Gould had mixed results in his first NFL appearance.

The Bears signed him Saturday to replace injured Doug Brien, who still is experiencing back problems.

Gould made a 44-yard field goal but missed from 48 yards. He pulled that kick wide left.

"During pregame I felt fine, it is just a matter of judging the wind," he said. "I just missed it."

Gould kicked off to the 5-yard line and twice to the 8.

"He got good hang time on the kickoffs," Smith said. "We would like for them to be a little bit farther.

"It's a decent start."

Safe Keeping

Bears offensive coordinator Ron Turner cited quarterback Kyle Orton for improved field management skills after he had a passer rating 43 points higher than when he had a 41.9 last game. He completed 16-of-26.

"In the passing game, we were going to take what the defense gives us and when there's plays to be made we're going to try to make the plays," Orton said. "They were playing soft coverage one thing we had looked at on film was saying the checkdowns looked pretty good and let's get some good yards.

"I think we had a real high completion percentage and really did some good things."

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