Buffone's Reaction to the Action

While I commend Thomas Jones for playing through a knee injury, the Bears took a big risk by letting him carry the ball 23 times against the Vikings.

With a double-digit lead the Bears had an opportunity to get Cedric Benson into the game and more importantly give Jones a break after a gutsy performance. Keeping him in during the fourth quarter seemed like a risky proposition considering Jones has never been able to stay healthy over an entire season.

The running game is the only thing that the Bears have been able to rely on from the offense and if Jones were to miss considerable time because he got hurt trying to rack up yards in the closing minutes, the coaching staff would never hear the end of it.

By no means am I saying that Benson should have started today or that he deserves to be given anything. However, this kid was the fourth pick in the draft for a reason and if he can't be trusted to get more than three carries against the worst rushing defense in the NFL then there are bigger concerns about the choice.

For four years at Texas Benson ran like mad. If he thought he was going to walk after missing the preseason and be the starter without earning it he was wrong. At the same time, he's been with the team for six weeks and should know the playbook.

Obviously the concern is his pass blocking. Having a rookie quarterback and running back in the same backfield could lead to Orton getting blindsided if either fails to read the blitz.

Still this is just the fifth game of the year and Jones has 109 carries. His career high (240) came last year and he's on pace to fly by that number. It just seems like getting Benson carries now will help the Bears in the long run whether he has to start or not.

No matter who is in the backfield, the passing game is going to have to start producing. Orton came away with 117 yards passing for the second straight week and has yet to have more than 150 in a game. He took a couple shots with Muhammad with his longest completion being 16 yards.

This really was a complete team effort. The defense came up with four sacks and two interceptions. The offense had two players with two touchdowns. The special teams had a big play that lit a fire under the offense.

Credit to Bobby Wade for having the courage to take a chance when the offense slept through the first half. In both of the victories he's come up with big plays. Field position is critical for this team and whenever Orton can work with a short field the success rate goes up.

Minnesota had their hand in the victory. Don't forget they had two weeks to prepare for the Bears coming off a bye and they weren't ready to play. Put a fork in them because at 1-4 they're done. There are too many distractions for the Vikings to get back in the race.

As for the Bears, they're tied with Detroit for first place at 2-3. Keep things going with Baltimore coming to town next week and things could really start to get interesting.

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