Player Perspective: Brendon Ayanbadejo

This week the special teams ace shares his thoughts on the Ravens, the victory over Minnesota and why it's the worst game he's ever had in his career.

I have to say that last weekend was the worst game of my life. What a horrible experience. Why? Because I got my first NFL penalty. I was offsides and I shouldn't have been. Luckily for me, we ended up winning the game. If that hadn't happened, the coaches would still be yelling in my ear. I did get one special teams tackle, which was a lot of fun, but that was sort of canceled out in my mind by the mistake.

Believe me, it's hard when you've done something so obviously wrong out there on the field. There's nowhere to hide when the ref blows his whistle and points directly at you. But if your bonehead move ends up losing the game for your team, then suddenly it becomes your worst nightmare. I moved us back some, but at least I didn't give up a score.

I think the Bears defense played well against the Vikings. Minnesota seemed to have difficulty establishing field position, which was exactly the way we'd hoped things would be. The time that we spent going over film and then working things in practice definitely paid off.

Monday we had the day off, which was a real bonus. That's happened twice now this season when we've come out on top. If anything would be a major incentive to win, that would be it. It's great to have any chance to rest your bumps and bruises whenever you can, but the day off after a game is best of all.

This week, we are concentrating on the upcoming game against the Ravens. They are a hard team to categorize, which is probably exactly what they are saying about the Bears right now. The Ravens have a strong defense and an OK offense. I think that we'll be able to find some weaknesses in their schemes and take advantage of them.

What we were able to accomplish against Minnesota was to consistently give our offense good field position. The role of a top special teams unit is to do exactly that. It's particularly important when your team has a rookie quarterback. We want to give Kyle Orton every possible advantage.

I'm feeling more comfortable out there as the weeks go by. It's really a lot of fun when you can relax and play your skills without thinking first about every single move that you're going to make. Good football is instinctual, and I'm getting close to where I want to be on that.

As a special team player, you can learn a lot while you are standing on the sidelines and watching your teammates play. The linebackers are so good here and I think I'm picking up a lot from them. The disadvantage of being on special teams, though, is that since your field time is limited, you must excel as soon as you go out there. You must show your coaches what you have learned and what you can do. There is absolutely no margin for error.

We're all ready to make this a winning streak. The division is so strange this year that taking it isn't out of reach. There's nothing we'd like more than to make it to the playoffs. I believe that we have the talent to accomplish that if we continue to play at a high level. I plan to do everything I possibly can to help us stay at the top of the NFC North.

Brendon Ayanbadejo has agreed to share his observations of life in the National Football League with Bear Report readers. Brendon will be checking in via the website on a weekly basis.

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