Player Diary: Robbie Gould

Well, last Sunday was a learning experience for me because I got one field goal in, but failed on the second. It wasn't as discouraging as you might think, though. Under the conditions we had on the field, I had the feeling that a longer field goal try would be a stretch for me. I gave it my best shot and failed. But the important thing is that we didn't lose the game because of my mistake and I can build off it.

Do I feel added pressure because I didn't get both tries in? Nope, that's just not my mentality. I'm a relaxed guy and I don't tend to over think things. For a player at my position, that can be deadly. The point is to know what you're doing then go out there and kick. It's all about confidence in your innate abilities. What I try to do is take the positives from the experience then build on that for next time.

I learned so much the past two weeks kicking in Chicago. I saw the kinds of adjustments I can and should make. What a cold, wet ball will and will not do at Soldier Field. That's the case every single time I take the field. I make it an educational process. I think a lot of success in kicking comes from experience and repetition. In my mind, the more time I am out there working, the better it will be for my game ultimately.

Is it fun out there even when things don't always go your way? Definitely, even when things didn't go exactly as planned. I just can't imagine a time that putting on the uniform and participating in an NFL game wouldn't be absolutely great. And to have this chance as a rookie, what bad can you say about that?

Last week I spent considerable time working at field goals on windy days. It went well but what I hadn't considered are the shifting wind conditions at Soldier Field. That's pretty hard to duplicate on the practice field, as you don't have the channeling effects of the stadium itself.

This week we're be playing inside at Detroit, which is obviously easier on a kicker. I won't have to worry about the elements coming into play, but at the same time you can't take anything for granted.

During the game, I take time to practice whenever I see that the offense is getting within field goal range. I use the net beside the bench. It isn't indicative of course of the real experience, but it can come surprisingly close at times. The main point of using that net is to warm up my leg.

As a kicker, you aren't actually out there that often, but it's important to keep an eye on what's going on so you'll know if your services might be needed. I'm as much of a fan as anybody else. I love to watch football. When the day ends with a victory, then its even better.

I met Kevin Butler who in Chicago for the Bears Super Bowl reunion. If my career is as successful as Kevin's, then I'll be a very happy guy.

The Bears are back on top of the division, which is exactly where we want to be. Now we have to keep the momentum going. I think that the positive feelings are building on this team. Players are enjoying themselves and everybody is willing to do whatever it takes to get a victory.

We feel that we can win and then we find a way to accomplish that. I hope that after Sunday, we'll be talking about how great it feels to end up on top of the divisions by ourselves.

The diary was a summary of an interview between Robbie Gould and Bear Report staff writer Beth Gorr.

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