King of the Hill

The Bears are missing a deep threat since losing Mark Bradley for the season and Bernard Berrian until at least December. They added a potential speed threat to the practice earlier this week in Eric Hill.

The former Colts receiver and cornerback got the call from his agent late Tuesday night that he'd been signed by the Bears. Hill immediately began the trip to Halas Hall where he would spend his first few hours getting acquainted with his new teammates and learning his way around the facility.

The 6-foot-1, 190-pound Hill was an undrafted free agent out of Colorado State who was signed by the Colts in April of 2004. While Hill caught just 23 balls for the Rams, he feels that his speed and agility can be assets at the next level.

"I've played on both sides of the ball," Hill said. "The first year in Indianapolis I was a wide receiver. The second year there I was a cornerback. What I bring to the game is a good eye for the ball combined with the ability to get downfield quickly. I'm very competitive, I'm strong and I'm fast. I feel that I can make a contribution to this team on either on offense or on defense."

For the time being, Hill is signed to the practice squad as a receiver, a situation that suits him perfectly.

"I don't mind working my way into a team and I'll start wherever I need to "Hill said. "I am eager to get in there and to learn the system that Chicago is using right now. If the practice squad is where they want me to start, I'm fine with that."

Hill has spent much of his brief time in Lake Forest introducing himself to teammates and getting fitted for his new uniform. Easy going in personality, Hill feels that he will fit in here sooner rather than later.

"For guys who are really new to the NFL, moving around can be difficult, but I've been in the league for a while so it isn't that big a deal," he said. "It's difficult when you're cut by a team you enjoy playing for, but that happens all the time in the league. You have to learn to move on mentally and to take advantage of each new situation.

"For now I have several priorities. I need to understand the physical setup of the facility so I know where the meeting rooms, the training rooms, things like that are located. I also am trying to meet my teammates so I'll know who is who out on the field.

Hill views the Bears as a team on the rise, and as an organization that could give him a valuable opportunity to contribute.

"You have the Colts doing all sorts of big things these days," Hill said "But that's not to say that the Bears won't be at the same level pretty soon. Things are happening for this team and it all seems to be on the positive side. I think it's great to have a chance to grow and develop with these guys."

Currently, Hill is residing in a local hotel but he hopes to have time to find his own apartment shortly.

"That's right at the top of my list but learning the playbook comes first," he said. "When I have a little free time, that's when I'll be out there looking for a place to live. "

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