A story to tell

Bears quarterback Henry Burris on his favorite diversion away from the football field.

"I like to write poetry, a lot," he said. "I like to write inspirational thoughts and things like that. Because, I mean, from everything I've been through in my life. You know, I've said that one day, I'm just going to sit down and write a book. I'm going to write a book because everything I've been through is something the world could know, and it could be a testament — not only from me but just the work that Christ can do in your life."

Prompted to be more specific about the tribulations he has encountered, he replied, "Just the hardships as far as playing in the world of football — the sacrifices you have to make, things like that. Because there's not many people who have played in every style of football known to man —except Arena. I haven't played any Arena ball.

"But, you know, I went through a lot of things, just to get to where I am today — overcoming the stereotypes of being a black quarterback. Doing a lot of things in college in the past, digging to get you a tryout to the NFL. Now guys are getting drafted that put up the same numbers I did and ended up in the same situation that I did in college. But it's just a lot of things that, you know, weigh into it."

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