Buffone's Reaction to the Action

The Bears physically dominated the Carolina Panthers, who were considered by many to be the team to beat in the NFC. By the end of the game the Bears added their name to the top of the list.

Adewale Ogunleye and Alex Brown took Carolina's two offensive tackles and destroyed them. To come up with five sacks between them and eight by the defensive line is outstanding.

The two early interceptions by Nathan Vasher were a result of pressure on Jake Delhomme. The turnovers not only set up the offense for 10 easy points, but also set the tone for the rest of the day.

The defense came into this game with a chip on their shoulder and proved to everyone without a shadow of a doubt they are the best in the NFL. The next closet team in terms of points allowed is the Indianapolis Colts, who have given up 152 points compared to the 110 by the Bears.

Carolina had to keep eight guys in to protect Delhomme, which left only two players to run routes. Having seven defenders to cover two is a big reason the Panthers didn't do a lot in the passing game. Obviously Steve Smith did his damage, but aside from one deep ball and one short catch and run they kept him from making the big play.

As great as the defense played, the offense did some positive things.

The offensive line kept Kyle Orton off the ground and gave him time to throw in the pocket. He only completed passes to three different receivers, but managed a mistake free game.

Muhsin Muhammad had some drops, but with Moose you know he's going to come back and be the guy in the passing game. He did come up with the only touchdown of the game against his old mates, which made his day along with the victory.

Justin Gage stepped up opposite Muhammad. That could mean something for his confidence down the stretch, as teams continue to focus on stopping Muhammad.

Offensive coordinator Ron Turner is having a great season calling plays, but I didn't agree with the decision to throw on third and one in the third quarter that resulted in an interception.

The Bears were running the ball down Carolina's throat at that point, so why go away from your strength. A field goal would have given the Bears a 16-0 lead and for all purposes ended the game.

But I don't have too much to complain about.

Special teams rebounded from a tough game a week ago.

Robbie Gould hit on both of his field goal tries, which is big for the rookie to gain confidence.

Even punt returner Bobby Wade didn't give the Panthers a chance to make a play. He was conservative, but that's what you would have expected after his three-fumble performance against the 49ers.

The Bears deserve respect for the entire team. Beating Carolina in the fashion they did opened some eyes around the league.

It was an old fashion butt kicking by the offensive and defensive lines. The game is decided in the trenches and if the two units keep playing like this the Bears are going to have a chance against anyone.

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