Voice of the Fan

Granted, Brian Urlacher is an exceptional middle linebacker. I'm very glad he is in a Bear's uniform. In two seasons in Chicago he has two Pro Bowl appearances. There's no doubt Urlacher will be a great player for years to come. There's no telling what he could do, if the Bears get a consistent pass rusher.

However, Mr. Dick Butkus was a bone crushing force from sideline to sideline. It was some serious 100-mile an hour head on collisions with Butkus! People rightly feared him and avoided the middle. You would hear the collisions, even if you didn't see Butkus!

Anyone remember Wilbur Marshall? He was a very physical aggressive middle linebacker, that people feared and was hard to block! Don't forget Mike Singletary a true Bear 110%. Greg Blache will keep the "D" a force, because we have the best linebackers collectively as a unit, so let's let him have credit where it's due! May Urlacher continue in the great tradition Chicago has established!

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