Growing up Fast

The off-season departure of Tony Parrish has forced the Bears to rely on youth to replace the veteran.

"You always have to be ready to do that (replace players leaving)," said defensive coordinator Greg Blache. "T he guys we have on the squad (that can step in) would be Mike Green, Eric Johnson, so we've got some young guys that are waiting for a chance."

Although, Blache mentioned several candidates to replace Parrish one name rises to the top of the list.

Secondary coach Vance Bedford knows it will be difficult to replace Parrish's experience and leadership, but the Bears prepared for the situation last year.

"Right now Mike Green is the guy who played for us quite a bit (last season) did a great job for us," Bedford said. "He'd be the guy who'd have the first opportunity to step in there and get a shot at playing."

Green was productive playing the teams third corner. However, he isn't the intimidator that Parrish was over the middle of the field.

"Mike Green's is a little undersized, but his tenacity, his quickness, his speed, feel for the game I think he'll step and do a good job for us."

There has been talk that Mike Brown would switch from free safety to the strong side.

"He (Brown) could easily do it," Bedford said. "He did some for us this year. Green played strong and free safety for us, so he'll be ready to step in and give us a good look."

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