Insulted Bears Ends Wreak Havoc

TAMPA - Last week the Bears' defensive ends were insulted that they weren't mentioned in pregame hype as being as productive as Carolina's defensive ends. So they dominated a 13-3 win. On Sunday, they dominated again in a 13-10 win over Tampa Bay after they got insulted over being blocked by one player instead of two.

One week after compiling five sacks against the Carolina Panthers, Alex Brown and Adewale Ogunleye performed a four-sack encore on Bucs QB Chris Simms.

"It was a good day," said Brown, a native Floridian who celebrated is homecoming Saturday with family members and then celebrated in a big way Sunday with teammates.

Brown sensed some disrespect from the Bucs' offense right away. Their blockers were double-teaming other players. Brown said Bears defenders think of this as a sign of disrespect and know what they have to do when they're single-blocked.

"You know you have to win," he said. "The defense is expecting you to beat that guy. Pretty much, yeah, (single blocking) it is an insult."

Brown made them pay almost immediately.

"Today they wanted to see if they could block me man or block me with a back," Brown said. "If they were able to, they could have made some plays on us. But I was able to make plays and knock some balls down.

"So they had to change it and later in the game they left Wale one on one with their right tackle and you see the results."

When they switched the backs to help and double team Brown, Ogunleye produced. He made the game-clinching sack on the last play to seal the win.

"Wale comes, he dominates; Alex Brown dominates, Tank Johnson dominates, Ian Scott dominates," Bears defensive tackle Tommie Harris said. "Our whole defense is dominating and you can't just key one guy on any given Sunday because somebody is going to come free and have a big game."

It was mostly Brown on this day. He had a sack that caused a fumble and Bears recovery by Harris at the 1 on the Bucs' first possession to set up the Bears' first touchdown.

In the first half he also had a tipped pass on third-and-four for an incompletion and broke up a screen pass by rushing Simms long enough with his hands in the air to cause an errant toss.

In the third quarter, he sacked Simms again on third-and-five at the Bucs' 6-yard line even though he was held on the play.

For the game, Brown had four tipped passes.

"It's huge being that I'm from Florida and I grew up a Tampa fan," Brown said. "It's huge. It's huge to come down here and get a victory."

Ogunleye got his first sack in the third quarter on third-and-12 to force a punt. He finished with three tackles, and both he and Brown played a major role in holding Bucs running back Cadillac Williams to 84 yards on 20 carries and Tampa Bay to 107 yards rushing total by preventing them from cutting outside.

"I just try to play my own game and hopefully everybody else does the same," Ogunleye added.

Ogunleye and most of the Bears' defensive players were anything but satisfied with the effort because they nearly surrendered a 10-point fourth-quarter lead.

"The one thing is we've got to get better," Ogunleye said. "We're giving up the big plays. Really, the score should have been 13-3, if that. Maybe 13-0.

"We've got to find ways to play better. We gave up the big plays, we didn't tackle as well as we should have. Those are the little things we've got to look back on and hope we get better."

Bears defensive coordinator Ron Rivera agreed.

"We didn't tackle very well," Rivera said. "We missed a couple tackles and they cut the ball back on us one time and fell back and we should have stayed in our gap, stuff like that, things that get you hurt in this defense."

In the end Sunday, the Bears' defense had administered more hurt, and their defensive ends were the primary reason.

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