Buffone's Reaction to the Action

A seven-game winning streak has wetted the appetite. Each week the Bears raise the level of expectations, but if the passing game doesn't improve it could lead to a big letdown.

To score 17 points isn't asking too much, but it's not happening. The defense set up the only touchdown on the day when Alex Brown forced a fumble that Tommie Harris recovered at Tampa's 1-yard line. Aside from that, the offense managed just two field goals.

I really had mixed emotions about the win. It's great to see the Bears with a seven-game winning streak, but more has to be done offensively for this streak to continue. Winning now is one thing, doing it in the postseason when one bad game means the end of your season is another story.

It's obvious what's limiting the passing attack. Kyle Orton is maintaining his level of play. He's only thrown for more than 150 yards once this season. While he's doing what's asked of him, offensive coordinator Ron Turner is limited in what he can call with a rookie quarterback behind center.

There's a lot of talk about making a move to Rex Grossman, but it's not that simple. What version of Grossman are we talking about? Is he healthy? What can he do if he is?

The Bears rushed for 118 yards against a good Tampa defense, but the way the passing game struggled they needed to go for 150 yards.

Even with the Bears at 8-3 and tied for the second best record in the NFC, there's still some doubt because of the lack offensive firepower.

The screen pass to Thomas Jones was a heck of a play, but then they couldn't punch it in the end zone.

Although Jones is still your top option in the running game, it's good to know that Adrian Peterson can step in when need be. Putting the two of them on the field at the same time could be an option.

The coaching staff finally took Bobby Wade off punt returns. He fumbled again and if they hadn't pulled him it would have cost them down the line. Nothing personal, but he shouldn't be on the team. He doesn't contribute as a receiver and it's clear he's a liability as a punt returner. With the addition of Eddie Berlin the Bears don't need to keep Wade around.

Defensively this unit keeps on ticking. They've held seven opponents to 10 points or less.

The front four is setting the tone with Adewale Ogunleye and Alex Brown combing for nine sacks the past two games. They only had 11.5 sacks between them all of last season.

Joey Galloway had a couple big plays against the secondary and more specifically Charles Tillman. Galloway is very similar to Steve Smith, a small receiver with a lot of speed. It's a tough matchup for Tillman because he's more of a physical cornerback.

Green Bay is up next. Don't think the Packers are going to lie down for the Bears just because they're 2-9. Brett Favre is in the midst of his first losing season as a starting quarterback. Still he's dominated the Bears throughout his career and that better change this Sunday.

Dropping a game at home against an injury-plagued team would be a major setback. Even though the Vikings keep winning, the Bears should have bigger things on their plate than just an NFC North title.

It would be great to see the Bears have a blowout victory over the Packers in which the offense puts up 20 plus points against a sub par defense.

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