Bears' Timing Perfect on Screen Pass

TAMPA - The Bears and screen passes haven't been a very good mix for several years. On Sunday, however, running back Thomas Jones and quarterback Kyle Orton hooked up on a 41-yard screen which helped change a 13-10 win over Tampa Bay.

"The situation wasn't perfect, but we ended making a big play on it," said Jones, who celebrated his homecoming against his former team with 72 yards rushing on 25 carries and three catches for 50 yards.

Facing a difficult third-and-eight situation at their own 32-yard line while owning a 10-3 lead, the Bears tried to run a screen and the Bucs had a defensive call for three players to blitz. Orton barely had time to get the ball out and the linemen didn't have time to get in front of Jones, but he made the quick catch, bolted up field and found his blockers to turn it into a 41-yard gain.

The play led to a 36-yard Robbie Gould field goal and the eventual decisive points.

"Really, it wasn't designed to go the way that it went," Jones said. "It was designed for me to just kind of turn around, but there were so many guys coming and I didn't have any room.

"I just had to kind of make my own space in an open area so no one hit me. I concentrated and caught it and turned around and just saw Olin Kreutz in front of me."

The Bucs' blitz was so effective, they ran themselves into trouble.

"They blitzed with so many guys there really was no one there for (linemen) to block," Jones said. "There were so many people we were kind like, 'we'll just go ahead and let them get (after the) quarterback and hopefully he can get it to me in time."

Orton said the Bears have called plenty of screen passes, but wind up getting out of the play based on the defensive formation or tendencies.

"It just seems like whenever we call them its against a bad look, bad looks for the screen," he said. "This is really the first screen we ran into a blitz that had a good look to it."

The blitz is a perfect defensive scheme to throw the screen against.

"Screens work really well when defenses are blitzing, because you can catch them out of position," Jones said. "And that gives you room in the open field to make something happen. That's what we did today.

"But for the most part we don't really see a lot of teams that blitz that many guys at one time. They usually have guys in the box, just trying to play their position and stay in their gaps and make sure we don't have any (running) cutbacks. But they blitzed us a lot today."

For Jones, the play and the 13-10 win made his day after he had struggled with 52 rushing yards in last year's 19-7 loss here.

"Its definitely emotional," he said. "I loved playing here at Tampa Bay.

"Being in Arizona, being with that organization for three years didn't really give me that true NFL experience. I was thankful to have a chance to come into Tampa and play for coach (Jon) Gruden and play with the other running backs. I developed a different kind of relationship and I just kind of brought that attitude here. Mike Alstott, Michael Pittman, Jameel Cook, we were all like best friends on the team and it was definitely hard for me to leave. But you know there's a business side of it and right now I'm happy in Chicago."

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