Dirty Job

On any given Sunday during the football season, Deerfield's (Illinois) Kevin LeFevre can be found knee deep in the Bear's post-game laundry.

"This is a great job," said LeFevre, who began as a volunteer with the Bears 6 years ago. "Somebody has to do it. Why not me"

LeFevre, a longtime locker room attendant at Deerfield High School, became the school's football equipment manager 25 years ago. He has also worked in a similar position with the Northwestern Wildcats.

"At first, I felt a little uneasy working with the college athletes," he said. "I'd never had the opportunity to get a college education. The situation was a little intimidating but it turned out to be the perfect learning environment. I ran errands for the coaches. I worked in the equipment room. I did the team's laundry. It was something I really came to enjoy."

LeFevre got involved with the Bears in 1996 after meeting some of the team's staff at an equipment manager's convention.

"What they were telling me sounded very intriguing," he said. "I saw the situation as a great chance to work with the team and to be involved in the NFL on a very personal level. I agreed to come to Halas Hall and give it a try on a temporary basis. It was the perfect ‘marriage' because I've been with the Bears ever since."

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