Scouting Report From Those in the Know

The Bears have two players that were with Green Bay defensive coordinator Jim Bates when he held the same position in Miami. DE Adewale Ogunleye and LB Brendon Ayanbadejo talk about what to expect from the Packers defense.

Ayanbadejo was backup linebacker under Bates from 2003-04, but he does have a strong understanding of what to expect from Green Bay.

"He's very vanilla," Ayanbadejo said. "He likes to run cover 2 and then a zone man. Out of nickel he'll run a few blitzes, but he'd rather play a solid game and not too many blitzes.

"I think you need an attacking front-four for the defense to be successful. If the offense has time to throw the ball then you can pick that defense apart. But if you don't have time to throw the ball it's a pretty vicious defense."

The Bears have been able to protect Kyle Orton of late, allowing just two sacks in the past three games.

Bates had the personnel to make the Dolphins one of the best defenses in the NFL. The defensive end tandem of Jason Taylor and Ogunleye combined for 56 sacks in the two seasons before Miami broke up the duo in a trade with the Bears.

"The way we've been playing the last couple weeks that's exactly the way Bates defense's are," Ogunleye said. "He likes big massive tackles to keep their linebackers flowing down hill. So it's a little different from us, but in the same aspect the defensive ends get to go up the field and have fun."

The Packers have Aaron Kampman and Kabeer Gbaja-Biamilla at defensive end. While they have 10.5 sacks between them, Gbaja-Biamila is having a down year. He struggles in run defense and has just four sacks.

Green Bay's man in the middle is Grady Jackson. At six-foot-2, 345-pounds he's the run stuffing defensive tackle type. His counterpart is Cullen Jenkins is undersized for the scheme at 290 pounds.

"In the interior you need two big stout plungers," Ayanbadejo said. "You need big guys in there and they can shutdown the run because they expect them to take up two blockers every time so the linebackers can run to the ball."

As a result of not having the personnel at Bates' disposal, the Packers rank 23rd against the run.

"If they're not stopping the run it's probably the d-line and the linebackers aren't getting it done," Ayanbadejo said.

The Packers weakness plays right into the strength of the Bears offense. Chicago ranks sixth in the league in rushing and considering the weather conditions look for Thomas Jones and Adrian Peterson to combine for 30-plus carries.

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